IRIS Software Group sets a new education MIS bar with launch of IRIS Ed:gen

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Posted: 22nd February 2021

First new MIS for a generation hits the market

22 February 2021, London, UK: IRIS Software Group (IRIS) is today launching IRIS Ed:gen, the next generation, fully integrated, cloud-based online school management system.

Education technology has long promised to transform education, but at best, has developed individual tools for niches of the curriculum, Multi Academy Trust (MAT) finances, and staff and student engagement. Educators need to easily access intelligence from Management Information Systems (MIS) to make informed decisions in classrooms and for the good of the MAT. However, this is rarely found across the education sector.

IRIS Ed:gen is the future of MIS in education. The cloud-based platform provides live data from across the MAT, including intuitive registration so teachers and senior leaders can quickly access accurate notes on every registration across the day in a simple to use dashboard. Putting intelligence into the hands of educators will enable them to act more quickly and be more flexible in delivering blended learning.

IRIS Ed:gen has been built with MATs in mind. Simple audit trails make working together easier for school teams and the single platform ensures data is more meaningful across the Trust. IRIS Ed:gen gives leaders access to intelligence anytime, anywhere – whether in the school or working teaching remotely from home. An enhanced automated communication between teachers, departments and year group heads, provides greater clarity so everyone can make the best strategic decisions for the future of the MAT.

IRIS Ed:gen is the central nervous system of the IRIS Education suite, enabling education leaders to stay ahead of regulatory change; streamline school management by automating mundane and complex operational tasks to drive success; and engage employees, parents and students to exchange important information and build valuable relationships.

Winston Poyton, Senior Product Director for Education at IRIS Software Group, says, “With exams replaced by teacher assessment grades in England for another year, the academic data stored in school management systems is more critical than ever before. Teachers must be able to moderate, level, and benchmark students fairly and consistently. IRIS Ed:gen is the nerve centre of education operations and will enable them to access accurate information for all students from across the academic year to support with grading.

“Our objective is to be at the heart of school management, providing the software solutions that will enable education leaders to improve the life chances of every student. The launch of IRIS Ed:gen is the next step in achieving this goal.”

The platform has been specifically designed to be used by today’s teachers and tomorrow’s education leaders. It puts real-time intelligence into their hands so they can intervene at the point of need and make a real impact on the outcomes of students.