IRIS Software Group to give charities and not-for-profits headspace to boost donations

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Posted: 25th August 2022

IRIS Software Group (IRIS), one of the UK’s largest software companies, today launches IRIS Financials for Charities, a powerful new cloud-based tool, designed to save charities and not-for-profits time, money and energy so they can focus on what counts – ensuring funding makes the biggest impact. 

IRIS Financials for Charities brings together all the elements and functionality charities and not-for-profits need to manage finances into one, integrated system. It’s designed specifically to make charity finance simple.

The cloud-based platform enables charities and not-for-profits to access their finances anywhere, anytime, giving a modern, digital connected experience to charity professionals. With bespoke reporting, speedy implementation and seamless compatibility, IRIS Financials for Charities will save charity professionals hours of admin and effort.

Through automated workflows – such as Gift aid calculations – the platform gives charity professionals complete control, so they can spend more time driving impactful change. IRIS Financials for Charities also offers a multi-currency feature, enabling more charities and not-for-profits to reach global donors, ultimately increasing funds.

Charities and not-for-profits are being squeezed by the cost-of-living crisis. More people are seeking support but donations are falling – 57% of people in the UK donated or sponsored someone in 2021, compared to 62% in 2020 and 65% in 2019.

The charity sector is vital in helping communities, especially as inflation rises. With fewer people able to donate, charity professionals need tools that’ll give them with time to focus efforts on raising awareness to increase donations, easily comply with regulations, drive productivity and improve engagement with key contributors.

Real-time insight can be accessed anywhere via the cloud and allows charity professionals to accurately manage finances – including payroll, donations and fundraising, and operational costs. With 827,000 people employed in the sector in the UK, IRIS Financials for Charities gives charities and not-for-profits the headspace they need to ensure staff are paid on time, every time and in real-time by sitting at the heart of software eco-systems.

Simon Freeman, MD for Education at IRIS Software Group comments, “Charities and not-for-profits benefit us all – they connect us and provide support where there is nowhere else to turn.  However, with declining donations, as well as the rise of those struggling and in need, it’s clear they require value added support that can ease some of their biggest challenges – including simplifying complex tasks and automating repetitive ones which can be incredibly time consuming.

“IRIS Financials for Charities gives charities and not-for-profits peace of mind that everything is being handled properly, professionally and with their best interests at heart.”

IRIS Financials for Charities is available to buy today, and you can book a one-to-one product demo here.