Nearly half of UK employees don’t see a clear path to progression

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Posted: 6th July 2022

IRIS Software Group calls on businesses to prioritise their people’s growth or risk losing talent

Nearly half (47%) of employees don’t see a clear path to progression, according to new research conducted by IRIS Software Group (IRIS), in partnership with YouGov.

The study further found three quarters (68%) of UK employees are facing delayed career growth due to a lack of support from their line managers and HR teams. This is a clear indication that as HR has become more digitised, the human touch has gone one step too far removed. Existing HR systems are not helping managers manage or connect the data needed to support progression.

These figures are alarming seeing as three quarters (74%) of UK workers surveyed said when they feel connected to the company and colleagues they work for, they produce better work. Employees across the UK have faced a turbulent couple of years, with many feeling career aspirations have been put on hold as a result of pandemic challenges.

Stephanie Kelly, Chief People Officer at IRIS comments, “There is no question that employees are in the driving seat at the moment. They are frustrated over the years they lost as a result of the pandemic and are excited to catch up with their career growth. Not only is it evident that there is sometimes a lack of transparency between managers and their teams over career goals, but it’s clear that current HR tools and systems are not built to best manage and support employee progression. Workers today want purpose and meaning from their work and a clear timeline of what’s next for them in the workplace – and rightly so. For employers, there’s nowhere to hide.”

Jill Christensen, best-selling author and employee engagement expert comments, “Organisations have responded to the ‘Great Resignation’ by throwing money and enhanced benefits at people. This is not what employees want. Employees want to be connected to something bigger than themselves and feel like their manager cares about them.”

Stephanie Kelly continues, “With a flood of exciting new technology entering the market, designed to help attract, retain, empower and delight the best talent, it is essential businesses utilise tools that supports their teams’ growth. Only then can they build aspirational career plans that are helpful to both their staff and the business.”

The research follows the recent launch of Staffology By IRIS. A powerful cloud-based HR and integrated payroll solution for small businesses, that brings both heart and science to people management.

Staffology gives businesses the platform to maintain control while being flexible and responsive to the needs of its people; helping get the small details right. This enables teams to focus on the work they love and are valued for.

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