With automatic enrolment on the horizon, YMCA England turns to IRIS Software for help

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Posted: 30th January 2014

YMCA England has opted to use Earnie IQ payroll software from IRIS Software Group to run their payroll, to ensure that it is adequately equipped to handle forthcoming automatic enrolment requirements.

YMCA is the oldest and largest youth charity in the world. YMCA England supports and represents the 121 member YMCAs in England, helping them transform communities so that all young people can belong, contribute and thrive.

With over 1,400 employees across the UK, the decision was made that the current payroll procedures needed to be streamlined to improve efficiency, as well as future proof their systems to ensure compliance could be achieved for the government’s workplace pension reforms.

The decision was made to install Earnie IQ, due to the security and robustness of the software, as well as the specific timesheet functionality. With 12 different managers needing to be able to email timesheets from various sites across the country to one payroll manager, the “Timesheet IQ” function meant that Earnie IQ was the perfect fit. Previously the managers had been working with paper timesheets which were manually inputted to their payroll system.

Once automatic enrolment, the key component of the government’s workplace pension reforms, is introduced, YMCA can remain safe in the knowledge that Earnie IQ will be able to handle their requirements, avoiding a potential logistical nightmare.