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Get to grips with GDPR

The current legislation is now two decades old and the aim of the GDPR is to update the rules on data protection and to harmonise the level of protection across the EU regarding the privacy of their personal data. The EU wants to give control back to citizens and residents over their personal data and to simplify the regulatory environment for international business by unifying the regulation within the EU.

These resources are aimed at keeping accountants in practice up to date with GDPR, helping you prepare for compliance by 25th May 2018.

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GDPR Resources for Accountants

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GDPR Online Training

GDPR timeline checklist

GDPR in 10 Questions

Solutions to help you achieve compliance

How IRIS is preparing for GDPR



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How the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation Affects UK Practices

What You’ll Learn:

  1. Fundamental GDPR principles
  2. Differences from current Data Protection laws
  3. The consequences of not getting it right
  4. How to prepare for GDPR
  5. How IRIS is helping practices manage GDPR compliance





Prepare your practice for GDPR

To help you get your practice prepare for GDPR, we’re proud to offer a brand new training courses for accountants designed to help you to get to grips with this new legislation.

Module 1: Background
Module 2: Data protection
Module 3: GDPR Key definitions and principles
Module 4: Key concepts of data protection law
Module 5: Data protection by design and next steps


What do accountants have to do for GDPR?

Avoid non-compliance, harsh penalties and fines. Help prepare for GDPR with a GDPR timeline.

Download this timeline and understand:

      1. What support a data protection lead requires.

      1. Why you need staff training.

      1. What you need to do to prepare an audit.

      1. How to create an action plan.


    Solutions to help you achieve compliance



    IRIS OpenSpace – secure document exchange

    IRIS Docs stores all clients’ correspondence digitally, including tax returns and accounts details from IRIS. Practices can limit the client data visible to each staff member, ensure client ‘paperwork’ is easily located and could be deleted if requested.

    IRIS OpenSpace is a secure document exchange portal that ensures documents such as tax returns and final accounts can be shared with clients in a secure manner. This eliminates the need to send these sensitive documents using unsecured email.


    Data management via a single database

    The IRIS Accountancy Suite with its centralised database, provides a single location to view, edit and delete the data you’re keeping on your clients

    To see how the IRIS Accountancy Suite can help you comply with GDPR legislation, speak to us today.


    How are IRIS preparing?

    Under the GDPR, there are key differences in what data you store, how you store it and for how long. You and your team need to be mindful of these new requirements and your practice or firm needs to have a strategy in place for how you will ensure compliance.

    If you’re using IRIS you can be confident that the IRIS accountancy software and business systems on which you store and process data are fully secure, with a centralised database at the heart of the software helping with compliance under the GDPR.


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