An Introduction to IRIS OpenSpace

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IRIS OpenSpace

The easy and secure way for accountants and their clients to work together online.

  • Upload, store and approve 
    documents online
  • High level security  – only you and 
    your client can view documents
  • Customise with your own logo
    and colour scheme
  • Fully integrated with the 
    IRIS Accountancy Suite & IRIS Payroll Solutions*

Exchanging sensitive and confidential information with clients 
is an important part of your daily routine, with a number of challenges:

Email is insecure. Royal Mail is slow and has ever increasing costs.
Consumer file sharing sites are complex to manage for multiple clients, 
and do not always comply with UK data protection requirements.

IRIS OpenSpace is a safesimple and secure collaborative tool for accountancy practices and clients 
to share documents with each other and get client approval electronically.

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Connect with clients

Work closer and more intuitively with your clients through unique integration across our cloud and desktop solutions that enable superior client collaboration and gives added value to all your client relationships.


Eliminate the slow and painful process of obtaining tax information from clients, with IRIS Personal Tax Electronic Checklists which collect tax information seamlessly over the internet. As well as automatic jobs stage completion in IRIS Practice Management with the status of document approval.

Rigorous security

No need to worry about protecting your data; our products offer the same levels of encryption and authentication you expect from online banking.

As the May 2018 GDPR deadline is fast approaching more and more accountants are using IRIS OpenSpace to securely exchange information with clients.


Add your own logo and colour scheme so clients clicking through from your website have a great and consistent experience of your brand.

IRIS OpenSpace helps you work closer and more intuitively with your clients. 
You can upload, store and approve documents online. It’s in ‘The Cloud’ so it’s always accessible from any location, 
and it’s fully integrated into the IRIS Accountancy Suite making it quick and easy to use.

Key features:

Share all the important documents with 
your clients, quickly and easily 

Fully integrated into the IRIS Accountancy Suite & IRIS Payroll Solutions*

Upload reports directly at the same time you print

Your clients can upload their business documents

Obtain client approval quickly and legally

Request and import tax return data effortlessly

Capture online enquiries from prospective clients

Easily share all your business critical 
documents with your accountant

Fast and secure document exchange

It’s quick and easy to use

No software to install

Approve your tax returns with minimum fuss

Provide your tax return data as you receive it

Accessible on mobile devices

IRIS OpenSpace provides the ideal mechanism for increased collaboration between practice and client.
Accountants can securely share a draft set of accounts, a tax return or a financial statement with the client, 
while clients can send bank statements, payslips and trial balances. Get started today

*Excludes IRIS PAYEMaster

availableanywhere | An Introduction to IRIS OpenSpace

Available anywhere

At a client and need access to your accounting systems? Not a problem with IRIS OpenApps. Work from any location – just fire up an internet browser and login to your software.

collaborate | An Introduction to IRIS OpenSpace

Online collaboration

Capitalise on real-time insight into your clients’ businesses through our unique online collaboration by being able to react quickly should a problem arise and offer timely advice.

| An Introduction to IRIS OpenSpace

Document exchange

Electronic approval functionality enhances security using tamperproof certificates and allows clients to approve any PDF document within minutes. Document exchange to reduce the risk of emailing sensitive information, requiring an login to an encrypted platform to access the files.