Alan Gregory
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Posted: 26th October 2021

IRIS Earnie September 2021 Product Update

September 2021 Update Release 21.6

Welcome to your software update for September 2021. This update of the software includes some new features and enhancements, together with any necessary legislative changes. These notes provide information on all the improvements to the software. For detailed information on legislative changes, click here. If you encounter any difficulties, please visit:

We are constantly striving to enhance the functionality IRIS Earnie delivers to its users. This product update provides information on new features, enhancements and fixes delivered in September 2021.

Complete release notes are available in Product Release Notes Earnie

IRIS My ePay Window

IRIS My ePay Window

Payslip Messages

Information added to the Reports | Print Payslips | Payslip Message field now sends to IRIS My ePay Window and displays in the Note field on the system. The Payslip Message field has a 2000-character limit.

Publish Reports to IRIS My ePay Window

It is now possible to publish reports to employers or employees using IRIS My ePay Window. To publish payslips, go to Print Payslips and under the IRIS My ePay Window frame, select the Publish button. Two options will display:

  • Publish to Employees
  • Publish to Company

Publish to Company opens the Select Format pop-up. Here you can pick an option from the drop-down list. If you are publishing payslips to IRIS My ePay Window for more than one employer user, you will need to select the user(s) required on the IRIS My ePay Window User Selection screen.

For all other reports, on the Print Report screen, under the Send Document To frame, we have added an EPW button. Selecting this button opens the Select Format pop-up, and from here, the IRIS My ePay Window User Selection screen displays. Once you have selected the user(s), click Ok to start the publishing process to IRIS My ePay Window.

Report Options

Under Reports | Report Options, we have added a new IRIS My ePay Window tab and included a Report Format drop-down within this. There are several report formats available to choose from in the drop-down, including the default Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) option. During transmission to IRIS My ePay Window, any errors found in the reports show on the Company | IRIS My ePay Window Errors screen.

Faster Payroll Payments

To provide an alternative to BACS, we have partnered with Modulr and have implemented a Faster Payments system into the payroll software. This system requires data to be sent from payroll to Modulr using their API and is sent on a period/frequency basis. Once data has been

sent, payroll receives confirmation of success or details of any errors.

Faster Payments menu item

To cater for this new feature, we have added a new Faster Payments drop-down menu from the main toolbar, between Payroll and Reports. This menu will contain the following options:

  • Setup
  • Send
  • Audit
  • Faster Payments Portal
  • Error Log
  • Find Out More


Here you can enter your Faster Payments login details into the Modulr section. The Username and Password fields accept any characters, with a maximum length of 100.

Send, Audit and Faster Payments Portal will not be visible until Faster Payments | Setup has been completed.


In the Admin side of the software, under Operator/Groups | Alter Operator/Groups | Edit, on the Rights tab under the Menu Permissions, we have added a Faster Payments section which includes the following items, all ticked by default:

  • Setup
  • Send
  • Audit
  • Faster Payments Portal
  • Error Log
  • Find Out More

Deselecting any of the items denies operators in the selected group access to them.

Find Out More

The Find Out More option will not be visible once credentials have been entered into Faster Payments | Setup. Click Find Out More to open the link to the Modulr onboarding page.

Company Details

To facilitate the new Faster Payments feature, we have added the following to the Company Details | Bank Details screen:

  • BACS Account radio button
  • Faster Payments Account radio button
  • Provider drop-down list
  • Source Account text entry field

Please Note: after installing the update, existing Bank Details will be set to BACS Account.

When BACS Account is selected, the following fields will be disabled:

  • Provider
  • Source Account

When Faster Payments is selected, the following fields will be disabled:

  • Bank/Building Society Name
  • Branch
  • Sort Code
  • Address
  • Account No
  • BACS No
  • BACS Ref
  • Postcode
  • Bank Reference 1
  • Bank Reference 2
  • Use in EPS


The Provider drop-down list currently contains <None> and Modulr. This is to enable us to add further account providers in future, if required.

Source Account

This is a string of up to 30 characters. This field will be inactive if the Provider is set to <None>.

Employee Details

To enable the Faster Payments to be assigned to an employee, we have made the following updates to Employee Details.


On the Employee Details | Period tab, under the Pay Method section, we have added an additional radio button: Faster Payments. The Faster Payments account used for the employee will be based on the information stored in Employee Details | Bank | From Company Account.

Send Faster Payments

Selecting Send opens the new Faster Payments screen. Here you can select your period(s) to pay, who you want to include, your selection criteria, and enter your reference.

Employee Type & Period

In this section, using the tick boxes, select the period(s) you want to pay.

Employee Selection

Here choose either the All or Select Now radio button. The Select Now option will be based on the Selection Criteria.

Selection Criteria

Here you can define your selection criteria using the three fields headed Field, Condition and Detail. This works in the same way as the Selection Criteria for Payroll | Do/Redo Payroll. You also have the option of using the SQL button for a greater selection choice (see Help | Earnie Help | Chapter 20 – SQL Selection for a full explanation).

Payment Reference

Enter your reference in this field. This field contains any characters, up to a limit of 100.

To send your Faster Payments:

  1. Go to Faster Payments | Send
  2. Choose the period to pay – this will default to the current pay date selected
  3. From the Employee Selection frame, choose either All or Select Now
  4. If required, enter your Selection Criteria
  5. Complete your Reference number
  6. Click OK
  7. The Preview screen will display, showing the payments to be sent to your Faster Payments provider
  8. Check the details, and once happy to proceed, click Send to submit the payment

Faster Payments Preview

The Faster Payments Preview screen lists the individual employee details that will send to your

Faster Payments Provider. The information contained on this screen is as follows:

  • Code
  • Surname
  • Forename
  • Sort Code
  • Account Number
  • Account Name
  • Source Account
  • Amount

Faster Payment Errors

When the Send Faster Payments process is complete, any errors returned from the Faster Payments provider will show on the Faster Payments Errors screen and displays the following:

  • Provider
  • Week No or Month No
  • Code
  • Error Source
  • Error Message

You can also go to the Faster Payments drop-down menu from the main toolbar and select Error Log to access the Faster Payments Errors screen. Choose the relevant Provider from the drop-down list. If a period is resent to Faster Payments for the provider, the error log for the period will be cleared and, if necessary, populated with any new errors.

Please Note: The Error Log will be cleared down during the Year-end Restart. Errors are only displayed for the current tax year.


Accessed from the Faster Payments drop-down menu | Audit, the Faster Payments Audit screen shows payments that have been sent successfully to the Faster Payments providers. Select the Provider from the drop-down list on this screen. Currently, Modulr is the only option, but this is for future development. The screen populates with details for each employee included in the Faster Payments submission for the selected Provider/Period(s). There is a Print option should you require a hard copy of this information.

This screen details the following:

  • Week No or Month No
  • Code
  • Surname
  • Forename
  • Account No
  • Sort Code
  • Amount
  • From Account
  • Date Submitted
  • Grand Total
  • Employees (total)