Alan Gregory
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Posted: 18th December 2020

IRIS HR Professional Q4 2020 Product Update

October – December 2020 Update

We are constantly striving to enhance the functionality IRIS HR Professional delivers to its users. This product update provides information on new features, enhancements and fixes developed during October to December 2020.

All new features and enhancements arise from feedback and suggestions from customers.

Existing users can suggest product enhancement ideas in the Big Ideas portal available from the Guide page within the IRIS HR Professional product.

Complete release notes are available in the Guide page within the IRIS HR Professional product.

Recruitment & Onboarding

Recruit – Stop applications being received for a closed job – Users can control whether applications stop being received for job vacancies that are closed. A new tick box labelled ‘Prevent further applications when Closed’ has been added in Recruitment>Vacancy>General> under the Applications By field.

When selected, this tick box will stop any applications being received for that particular job vacancy after the Closed date.

Personal email address added to New Starter form – To assist with onboarding new employees before their start date, we have added a Personal Email address field to the New Starter form and the option to Send Invitation Email to the Personal Email address.

Create New Employee added to Screen Builder – To provide greater control over what is included in the Create New Employee form, we have added this option to Screen Builder.

Document Management

Sensitive Documents – There is now the ability to choose the level of sensitivity of a Document.

There are three tick boxes under a Sensitive heading:

  • Sensitive – Only Set Rights users can view
  • Show to Employee – Visible to Set Rights users plus the employee
  • Show to Line Manager – Visible to Set Rights users plus the Line Manager

Batch upload multiple documents for individual employees – Uploading multiple documents for an employee now requires fewer clicks. A drag and drop feature has been added to the Documents tab allowing users to add multiple documents for an individual in one go.

User Interface (UI) refresh

Several changes have been made to the Perform UI to making it simpler to use. These are cosmetic changes and do not changes the functionality.

  • On Utilities » Perform screen, click Create New and the screen changes to a new Framework configuration screen (similar in look and feel to the Quick Queries and Quick Reports create new screens)
  • On Save or Cancel, the screen returns to Utilities » Perform screen, with the new Framework added to the list
  • On Utilities » Perform screen, click a created Framework in the list and the screen changes to a new Framework edit screen similar in look and feel to the Quick Queries and Quick Reports edit screens
  • On Utilities » Perform screen, click the Available Actions drop-down arrow on the row of a previously created template in the list, select Group and the whole screen changes to a new Group configuration screen
  • Back to Framework and Create New buttons at the top of the screen
  • List of previously created Groups underneath the buttons
  • Click Create New and the blank fields currently on the pop up appear on a new screen ready to be completed. Click Save and the Group appears in the list
  • Click on an existing Group in the list and the previously populated fields appear on a new screen available for editing
  • Items now appear in a new section on the Framework beneath Name etc. on top of Groups
  • The new screens contain all the fields previously contained in the popups
  • All other functionality remains the same

Perform Batch Copy Create now has an initial option to OK or Cancel followed by the original popup asking if you want to Copy or Create new.

Updated the UI for Approval History on Time & Expense – We have enhanced the Approval History screen on both Time and Expense tabs by adding a circle to the ellipsis to make it more visible

Absence/ Holiday

The Group Absence calendar now shows multiple entries per day. A day shows multiple absences by the three colours icon, hover over that day and a pop up appears with details of each absence

Include Approvers in Approval Notifications – In multi-stage approvals, the approval email now includes the name of each previous approver for subsequent approvers, for Absence, Expense, Perform and Time.

Use of weekends in Holidays – To help employees to when requesting an absence there is now a tool tip on the form explaining the functionality of the ‘Include Saturday and Sunday’ field:

‘You only need to use the ‘Include Saturday and Sunday’ option when requesting absence if those days are part of your normal work pattern.’

Annual View of Group Absence calendar – We have added an ‘Annual View’ option in the Group Absence Calendar, to enable team leaders to see the entire team’s holiday for the year in one screen view.

Sensitive ‘Other’ absence

We have added a ‘Sensitive Other’ absence type for absences that don’t necessarily fit the current sensitive absence types:

New ‘Remaining Holiday’ field – To enable employees to see a truer reflection of what holidays are outstanding based on any requests which are pending, a new field named Remaining (Inc. Pending) has been added to the Absence tab.

IRIS HR Pro iOS app

iOS App login screen refresh – As part of the latest version of the iOS app, we have updated the login screen.

The iOS app now supports Dark Mode.

Extended Single Sign On (SSO) to the iOS app – SSO users are now able to log in to their iOS app using the same SSO service as on their desktop.

Improved scrolling function – when using the expenses module in the iOS App, the scroll option now scrolls more smoothly without the need for selecting an option. An option is only selected when you purposely select a required option.

Time & Expenses

Reminder to Submit for Time & Expense – its now possible to automatically alert employees by email reminding them of unsubmitted expenses or unsubmitted time. Administrators can define the time frame when the reminder is sent.

We have also increased the single file size limit for upload to Time and Expenses to 5MB.

When adding time employees will now see an Add Notes icon as a reminder. This brings Time in line with the similar functionality in the Expense module.

Type option to determine approver Users of the Time or Expense modules can now configure approvers based on the Expense Type or Time Type. s to go to a specified recipient for approval. When that particular Expense Type or Time Type is submitted, an email is automatically sent to the designated approver with the details of that entry to approve.

Other Product Enhancements

Increment scheme – Admins now have the option to include colleagues with less than a year’s service in the firms Increment scheme.

Reward Statement – On the Reward Statement tab, there is now a button to Show/Hide Amounts:

  • The amounts on Reward Statement are now hidden by default
  • The new button toggles the amounts on the screen on and off (for that employee only)
  • When the employee logs off then back in, the amounts are hidden once again
  • When hidden, amounts are replaced with asterisks: e.g. ‘£**.**’

Forgotten Password emails – its now possible to customise the expiry time for the Forgotten Password and Forgotten Username email links.

Currency codes – Users can now add their own Currency Codes. The ‘Code and Symbol’ fields in the Lookup Tables are now free text with a drop-down list. The number of characters is limited to 3 for each field

Single Sign On (SSO) – The ability to use Single Sign On has been enabled for all ‘+’ customers.

The ability to import employee External IDs for SSO set up has also been enabled.

Set Rights tool tips – We have added tool tips explaining each field within an individual’s Set Rights screen.

Company Handbook search facility – To enable users to find a specific topic more quickly, a Search facility has been added to the Company Handbook.