Alan Gregory
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Posted: 19th April 2022

IRIS HR Professional Q1 2022 Product Update

January to March 2022 Update

We are constantly striving to enhance the functionality IRIS HR Professional delivers to its users. This product update provides information on new features, enhancements and fixes developed during January to March 2022.

All new features and enhancements arise from feedback and suggestions from customers.

Existing users can suggest product enhancement ideas in the Big Ideas portal available from the Guide page within the IRIS HR Professional product.

Complete release notes are available in the Guide page within the IRIS HR Professional product.

New Home page

We are excited to announce that in our January release we have launched your new IRIS HR Professional Home page.

The new Home page is available to all users and is another step in our journey to making IRIS HR Professional your go-to for all things HR.

What’s Changed?

You and your employees will see a new Home page, with a unified design, which differs slightly depending on the package you’re on, modules you have purchased, or your access rights. Everything that was previously on the landing page is still there and accessible but moved to a more convenient place on the Home page.

  • You will still be able to access all current functionality. Nothing has been removed, only relocated
  • We have moved all the buttons, tabs and links from the top menu bar to new “Panels” within the Home page
  • Dashboard has moved to the left menu
  • Rota has moved out of the Actions button and onto the left menu

Quick Link boxes

The three quick link boxes displayed at the top of the Home screen provide your employees with immediate access to what they do the most and will differ according to your package.

Me View

The Me section contains panels of at-a-glance personalised information for each employee, with the option to click for further details:

  • Notifications
  • Absence this Year
  • Holiday Entitlement/Accrued
  • My Tasks
  • Kudos

My Team

My Team section contains at-a-glance information for the employee’s team, again with the option to click for further details:

  • Who’s Off Today
  • Upcoming Events

New info column on the right

Splitting the screen in two for our Professional and + packages, enables us to display even more useful information and widgets.

This column can contain the following depending on which modules you are using:

  • Communications
  • Tap in Tap out widget
  • Contacts
  • Training
  • Vacancies
  • Other Links

New Integration with Staffology Payroll

We’re excited to announce our integration with Staffology Payroll, creating a pure cloud HR & Payroll solution. To enable this integration and find our more, please contact your Account Manager or Sales on 0344 225 1525.

Integration Features

Employees created in IRIS HR Professional sent to Staffology Payroll – When an employee has been created in IRIS HR Professional the employee will also be created in Staffology Payroll

Existing employees in HR being added to Staffology Payroll on integration link – When you first set up the integration any existing employees in IRIS HR Professional will be created in Staffology Payroll

Updating of employees’ Personal Details – An admin user and an employee are able to update their details in IRIS HR Professional and they will then be updated in Staffology Payroll by the integration

Payslips from Staffology Payroll viewable and downloadable in Staffology HR – When payroll have finalised the payroll and have produced payslips, they will then be accessible in IRIS HR Professional in Payroll > Payslip History. (Not including payslips prior to the integration)

Data Checker; Validation of Data prior to connection – A Data Checker checks employee data prior to the connection of both systems. The Data Checker runs a validation on all data that will be created or updated in Staffology Payroll

Data Validation – Validation will be put in place once the integration is turned on, preventing users entering information that is invalid or too long

User Interface/ User Experience Enhancements

As a follow up to last month’s Home screen release, we are continuing to make improvements in this area. This release contains various minor enhancements to improve the performance and look of the Home screen.

Employee Photo

On the Profile page, there is now an Edit icon displayed on the Employee Photograph. Select the Edit icon to open the image selector form.

Address fields

We have added the ability to change the Address memo field on the My Details > Personal tab to five separate lines plus the Postcode.

To do this, in System Tools > Utilities > Tools > System Configuration > Personal, select the new tick box labelled Split Address field over separate lines?

When ticked, this switch splits all addresses currently in the memo field into 6 separate address lines. The switch is OFF by default for existing customers and ON by default for all new systems.

API Enhancements

We have created a new API end point to help facilitate integration with our partner iSAMS, however, the API’s created are available to everyone. This means you will be able to use the API to send and receive your employee’s External Provider ID, as well as the Redirect URL.

Swagger definitions are available here:

If you would like to explore this functionality further, please pass on the link above to your technical team and get in touch with us to find out how we can support you.


iSAMs is a leading school management system for independent schools and is just one of the many integrations that we support. The following changes have been made to facilitate the integration with iSAMS, enabling iSAMS HR to seamlessly send all their single sign on (SSO) information direct to us using our API’s. The changes will then allow a single click login between the two systems.

  • iSAMS HR SSO – New endpoint for iSAMS url
  • iSAMS HR SSO – Create POST endpoint for external provider ID
  • iSAMS HR SSO – Create GET endpoint for external provider ID
  • iSAMS HR SSO – Facilitate button in iSAMS to log directly into HR
  • iSAMS HR – Address sync
  • iSAMS HR – Button for SSO login

New NI Codes and tick boxes on Payroll tab

We have added new NI codes and new tick boxes to the Payroll tab to ensure compliance with legislation.

New NI Codes are being introduced for Tax Year 2022/2023 and these have been added to the NI Code drop down.

NIC Holiday for Veterans Employer’s NIC Relief – Reduction of Employer National Insurance for veterans in their first year of civilian employment – NI Rate V

Freeports Employer’s NIC Relief – Reduction of Employer National Insurance for employees working in freeports in their first three years of employment – NI Rates F, I, S & L

  • New Working in Freeport tick box on Payroll tab
    • Only enabled when NI Code H, M, V or Z are selected
    • Automatically ticked when NI Code is set to F, I, S, or L
    • Not possible to untick the box for NI Codes F, I, S or L
    • Unticked and disabled for any other NI Code when that Code is first selected
  • New Date field for Date of Veteran’s First Civilian Employment
  • Blank by default
  • The date must be the same as or before the employee’s Service Date.

Other Enhancements

New Memo field under Medical / Disability

We have added an Additional Medical Details memo field underneath My Details > Personal > Medical/Disability to allow you to record further medical/disability information.

Enhance Lookup Shortcut

Previously, if you selected a lookup shortcut, you were met with a mandatory drop-down field which included all possible lookup fields across the system. To improve the user experience, we have updated this functionality so that the dropdown is locked to the lookup originally selected.

  • Type drop-down field within the lookup shortcut form is now read-only and populated with the shortcut that you initially select

Review Date for Company Handbook

We have added the ability to add a Review Date and Reminder on Company Handbook documents.

  • The Company Handbook > Edit > Create File/Link – form now includes a Review Date field and a Review Reminder tick box
  • The system sends an email reminder on the Review Date that the document needs reviewing
  • Drop-down list of employees to select who gets the reminder – defaults to the user creating the entry