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Seamless automation of CT600 returns, iXBRL computations and iXBRL accounts online to HMRC all from integrated accounting data, reducing errors and increasing productivity. Intuitive, simple and accurate we make it straightforward.

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Complete tax returns with ease. Requiring almost no data entry, Keytime Corporation Tax draws the data from the clients’ accounts in our central database, so you spend less time form-filling.

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How can Keytime Corporation Tax help you?

Keytime Corporation Tax takes the hassle out of creating the tax return. Simply transfer the critical data from clients’ final accounts, assess the disallowable expenses and capital and finalise the tax return.

Simplify the process further by sharing the return and gaining approval from clients using IRIS OpenSpace.
  • Online filing to HMRC including attachments and amended returns
  • iXBRL computations produced automatically
  • Attach iXBRL accounts from Keytime Accounts Production or third-party software
  • Create CT600s with support for supplementary pages A – K

Your Accountants Ltd

Gary Ferdinandi, MD


“Overall IRIS Keytime has saved us time, money and aggravation! And when we have ever needed them, the support team is always there and helpful, going the extra mile and help put things right.”

From £626 per year + VAT

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Keytime Corporation Tax provides instant solutions for:

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Prior years’ tax year returns included; data is carried forward each year.

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Covers accounting periods of up to 18 months.

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Imports figures from Accounts Production.

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Easy to use calculators covering capital allowances, research and development and more included as standard.

Keytime Corporation Tax features

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Keytime Corporation Tax fully integrates with IRIS OpenSpace, client portal; returns, reports and calculation can be uploaded for approval.

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Seamless dataflow

Save re-keying of data, seamless dataflow to Keytime Practice Manager for maintaining client record and deadline tracking.

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IXBRL computations

Attach iXBRL accounts automatically from Accounts Production or manually attach accounts produced elsewhere. Generate and automatically attach iXBRL computation.

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Comprehensive solution

Create CT600s with support for supplementary pages A – K. Online filing to HMRC including attachments and amended returns.

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Keytime caters to your specific software needs, providing a system that’s simple to run, with a straightforward tax return interface, which integrates tax, accounts, and practice management in one place.

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