IRIS Reach

An employee engagement platform designed to make all interaction and communication with your teams easier, less expensive, faster and more effective.

IRIS Reach

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IRIS Reach is a powerful tool for employee engagement and company-wide communications.

In uncertain times, maintaining regular and reliable communication with employees is important. Many will have questions about the future of your business: Is the office open? When will we be getting back to normal? Should I be checking my emails?

IRIS Reach enables businesses to deliver efficient, comprehensive messages to teams, groups and individual employees.

A centralised platform to manage internal communications eradicates the need for managers to relay important messages to teams, ensuring consistent, professional engagement for all staff, wherever they may be.

How can IRIS Reach help me?

IRIS Reach integrates with IRIS Cascade and IRIS HR Professional, providing automatic, real-time data sharing and a complete audit trail of all communications.

Flexible permissions can be set for different users of IRIS Reach, providing you with total control to grant access to relevant stakeholders.

Depending on requirements, you can allow staff to respond to messages (email or text) or disable inbound responses.

Manage all communications, including email and SMS, in one place on our cloud-based platform.
  • Efficient, reliable communications with staff with the flexibility to allow or disable direct responses.
  • Set different permissions for multiple users in your team.
  • Schedule messages to save time and plan strategic communications.
  • Integration with IRIS HR Professional and IRIS Cascade to import staff data.
  • Complete overview of communications sent and received.
  • Ability to send attachments with SMS and Email.
  • Personalised company microsite to host resources, attachments and important information, accessible to staff wherever they may be.
  • Quickly create and circulate bespoke forms and surveys; collect and report on responses to gauge staff engagement.


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Send SMS and email to individual employees, groups or department wide.

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No need to rely on managers to contact employees outside office hours, reducing the risk of miscommunication or missed phone calls.

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SMS ensures reliable and direct communication with staff, sending urgent information directly in employee hands.

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Seamless integration with IRIS Cascade and IRIS HR Professional ensures messages are sent to all team members.

Key Features

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Personalised microsite

A company branded microsite to host resources, documents, policies and procedures; easily updated, the microsite provides staff with secure, centralised access to important information, wherever they may be.

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Centralised communications

Manage text and email from a single platform and utilise the handy scheduling assistant to plan strategic communications whilst reducing time-consuming admin.

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Group functionality

Provides the ability to group employees for messaging purposes. Groups can also be imported from IRIS HR and IRIS Cascade directly into IRIS Reach.

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Response Management

IRIS Reach provides a centralised view of responses and inbound SMS. No need to share inboxes with other members of your team.

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Theatre Royal Plymouth

Holly Vivian, HR Manager

“IRIS Reach is proving invaluable at the moment as we are unfortunately entering into a Collective Consultation for redundancy situation. As a tool for communicating with everyone it’s been fantastic.The microsite functionality is fantastic. It has allowed us to keep everyone up to date with the latest meeting minutes, guidance notes etc. without having to email them out each time. Once people have the microsite link, they can just revisit it themselves for updates. Huge help!”


  • How do I access IRIS Reach?

    Simply follow the link to the provisioning page, complete your details and you’re ready to go.

  • Is the IRIS Reach platform secure?

    Yes, it is built with data security at its core. We use the latest in encryption technologies and verification methods to keep your data safe.

  • Who do I contact for support?

    You can call us on 0344 8155572 and email or alternatively use the form on our Help and Support page. You can contact the Helpdesk between 8am and 5pm Monday to Friday.