IRIS Virtual Payroll Assistant

IRIS Virtual Payroll Assistant (VPA) is the perfect solution for accountancy firms and payroll bureaux, providing full and mixed automation for all your client payroll work combined with task management and oversight.


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IRIS Virtual Payroll Assistant (VPA) module integrates with IRIS Payroll Professional, supporting accountancy firms, payroll bureaux and any other organisations that process multiple client payrolls.

This comprehensive module combines automation and task management to streamline processes, freeing you up to do more with the hours in your day.

On the one-hand, VPA automates your simple client payrolls, and on the other, it keeps track and provides full oversight of all your payroll processing activity.

How can IRIS Virtual Payroll Assistant help you?

Imagine having an extra member of your payroll team who never takes a holiday and is happy to manage all those repetitive tasks that clog up your day while at the same time keeps you in control of all your other deadlines.

Our payroll automation module, IRIS Virtual Payroll Assistant, is just this, handling all the mundane tasks so you can refocus your team on more profitable work and higher-value opportunities.
  • Provide full oversight of all your payroll processing.
  • Real-time dashboard, enabling you to drill down into the data.
  • Customise your processing by adding any additional manual steps/approvals.
  • For your simple payrolls, automate payroll calculations, tax code checks, payslip delivery, FPS creation/submission to free up your time.
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Let us ‘sweat the small stuff’, so you can re-focus your time on other critical tasks.

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Easy set-up with out-the-box best practice payroll processing templates.

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As your business grows, you can add more clients to the solution whenever you want.

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Take on a greater number of clients without hiring more staff to manage the workload.

Key Features

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Task Management

Utilise a range of pre-configured processing templates with pre-defined manual and automated steps.

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Processing Oversight

Our dashboard provides oversight of all client payroll processing for both semi-manual and automated tasks.

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Process multiple client payrolls simultaneously with little intervention, potentially overnight or, when you’re working on other tasks.

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Simplified training

VPA is configurable to your business and is designed to be implemented with a minimal amount of training and consultancy input.

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  • How will VPA save me time?

    VPA provides the ability to process multiple director-only or simple no change client payrolls simultaneously with little intervention from you, potentially overnight or when you’re working on other higher-value client payrolls.

  • How will VPA make me more profitable?

    With VPA, you have the potential to process payroll more efficiently and at the same time maintain full oversight of your payroll workloads, without increasing your payroll team. This means you can take on more clients and potentially higher value ‘work’.

  • I don’t want to automate all of my client payrolls; so how will VPA help me?

    No problem. You can create as many client groups as you wish with varying levels of automation for payroll tasks. Even if you want to have fully manual payroll processing, by using VPA you will have full visibility of the workload in the payroll team and the ability to assign and reassign work between team members to ensure you stay on top of your deadlines.

  • Why do I need the integration with the myePayWindow portal?

    VPA is seamlessly integrated with the myePayWindow portal so that payslip delivery and payroll approval can be tightly bound into your payroll processes and you can deliver client information with minimum effort and maximum security. Any client approvals provided outside of working hours can automatically allow processing to continue without needing your intervention or input.

  • Can I set this up myself or is training and consultancy needed?

    VPA is designed to be implemented using the included ‘best-practice’ payroll templates and with the minimal amount of training and consultancy input. It is also fully flexible and configurable to your specific business requirements, and this means the set-up and configuration options will vary depending upon your mix of client payrolls.