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Cloud-based tax return completion & filing – accessible from any location at any time

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Additional account levels, including unrestricted accounts, are also available. Please contact us on 0844 844 9644 and we will be happy to help.
  • IRIS OpenTax brings an innovative approach to the task of completing tax returns, from entering client data to filing online with HMRC.
  • With IRIS OpenTax, you can complete the personal self-assessment tax return SA100, including the full HMRC calculation, using the actual form and all supplementary pages.
  • You can complete your own and your clients’ partnership tax return form SA800, trust tax return form SA900 and complete the company tax return CT600.
  • A ground-breaking approach simplifies form filling and automates the calculations.
  • PTP tax software users now have a choice of using a desktop-based on-premise tax solution or accessing the tax return software over an internet connection through IRIS Cloud.
  • Both options are included within the annual licence fee.
  • Whichever IRIS solution you decide to use, you’ll improve your efficiency in meeting filing deadlines and have more time to develop your practice.

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