KashFlow Payroll

A streamlined and comprehensive approach to payroll software. Manage everything in the cloud from employee payslips to workplace pensions in a couple of clicks.




KashFlow Payroll is the ideal solution for business managers with up to 25 employees. Process payroll quickly & securely, automatically file RTI submissions, ensure compliance with Automatic Enrolment legislation and manage Holiday Pay calculations. The solution is also accessible from anywhere and doesn’t require you to download software or manage complex legislative and Year-End updates. Key business benefits include:
  • Send communications that automatically assess and enrol all eligible employees within the course of a payroll run
  • Generate the relevant output files to communicate with your pension provider and accommodate postponement, deferrals, opt-outs and withheld payments in an easy, step-by-step enrolment set up
  • An RTI-compliant solution that automatically submits P60s and P11D forms to HMRC when you complete your payroll run
  • Our employee self-service functionality enables your staff to access their payslips and their individual data from anywhere, at any time, to reduce your administrative burden