GP Payroll Support - System Requirements

ProcessorWorkstation (not server) – 266MHz Intel Pentium II
Operating SystemWindows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.Region & language options need to be set to English – (United Kingdom)
For details on Virtual Environments Citrix/Terminal Services/VMWare/TS Remote Apps please click here

IRIS desktop software is developed to work within the Microsoft Windows operating system environment. While it is possible to use IRIS software on a Windows emulator running on another operating system, this is untested, unsupported and IRIS offers no guarantees it will work.
MemoryWorkstation – 128MB RAM min, 256MB recommended
Hard Disk (Storage)200MB of disk space required, 50MB additional space required for installation (250MB total)
Input DeviceMicrosoft Mouse or compatible pointing device
DisplayMinimum – 1024 * 768 resolution.DPI setting = Normal (96 DPI)

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