Windows Update Issue

Issues caused by Microsoft Windows January Updates.

Update 22nd Jan 2019

Updates for EarnieIRIS Payroll Professional, IRIS Bureau Payroll & IRIS Payroll Business are now available to correct these Issues.

Update 30th Jan 2019


We have developed a utility which will upgrade your PAYE-Master data files to address the issues caused by the recent Windows Update.

You will no longer need to remove the Windows Updates once this correction is in place on your system. 

On the 8th January 2019, Microsoft published several updates across various Windows versions which have affected the normal operation of several of our payroll products.

The affected products are:

  • IRIS PAYE-Master
  • IRIS Payroll Business
  • IRIS Bureau Payroll
  • IRIS Payroll Professional
  • Earnie

We are working, with the highest priority, towards a long term correction for the issues presented after the Windows Update(s) is installed.

In the meantime, for users to run their payroll normally on the products listed above, we recommend you remove the offending Windows Update(s)

Summary of issues reported after installing Windows Update


When trying to open company data the user is getting the following error:

PM DBCrrpt 1 2 1 | Windows Update Issue

If the user attempts to restore a back up they get the error:

resizedimage435227 PM DBCrrpt 2 | Windows Update Issue

IRIS Payroll Business/Bureau Payroll

When producing any report user gets the error:

BUS RunRptErr 1 | Windows Update Issue

When closing the software users gets the error:

BUS RunRptErr 2 | Windows Update Issue

IRIS Payroll Professional/Earnie

The user is getting the following error producing any report:

MUL ObjRfPRT 1 | Windows Update Issue


MUL ObjRfPRT 2 | Windows Update Issue


MUL ObjRfPRT 3 | Windows Update Issue

Please see further details on the following Knowledgebase.