Full Feature List v19.1.0

Release Overview

The IRIS Accountancy Suite Spring release 19.1.0 continues further key initiatives to help you thrive in a digital economy. 


General Data Protection Regulations

The IRIS AutoMail engagement letters have now been updated to reference the General Data Protection Regulations and a free form section to add detail on your uses of personal data if desired. We have also added additional security and encryption to any log files that may contain personal data. 
We have made changes to the way staff members interact with the branches by giving users the ability to restrict access to clients based, on which branch the staff members and client are associated with. That way staff members can only access the clients that are relevant to their work.

Accounts Production


IRIS Accounts Production has been updated for all the latest legislative changes including:

Charities SORP (FRS 102) Update Bulletin 2 applicable for account periods beginning on or after 1st January 2019 with early adoption allowed. This corresponds to the previously released changes for Limited companies following the updated FRS 102 and includes the reintroduced ‘Analysis of Net debt’ note in the cash flow statement.

Continuing with Charity accounts, codes 968/31-43 have been corrected to now role forward into 968/1.

Amendments to FRS 101 Reduced Disclosure Framework 2015/16 cycle applicable for account periods beginning on or after 1st January 2018 with early adoption allowed. Including:

  • Contract assets and contract liabilities
  • Revenue from contracts with customers

LLP SORP 2018 applicable for account periods beginning on or after 1st January 2019 with early adoption allowed. This corresponds to the previously released changes for Limited companies following the updated FRS 102 and includes the reintroduced ‘Analysis of Net debt’ note in the cash flow statement.

Enhancements have been made to Data Screens to improve overall response and Performance.

Company Secretarial

Update to the latest ERS Form (2019).

We have now enhanced the Company Secretarial standard job, in IRIS Practice management, to include a Job stage that will automatically complete upon the submission of the confirmation statement. This will give you an accurate completion date, allowing you to analyze the workflow of confirmations statement process. The job stage will also dynamically set the date for the next confirmation statement being due to reduce risk of late filing fines.

Making Tax Digital


The integrated IRIS VAT Filer has been enhanced to allow the import of data directly from digital record keeping products including Excel, KashFlow and Xero to enable you to manage all filings in one controlled place linking into workflows and job stages for easy management and reporting.

The product has also been updated to import all payment and liability information available for the selected client across any selected time period, so you have clear view of all payments and liabilities according to their digital tax account with HMRC.

From 1 April 2019, when Making Tax Digital for VAT begins, regulations SI. 360/2019 require software suppliers to ensure their products capture and transmit all available transaction monitoring metadata electronically from taxpayers at the same time as the taxation information it relates to. This information will be transmitted to HMRC systems, where the information will be stored securely as part of their transaction monitoring policy for the prevention of fraud. 

The data that we are required to send to HMRC as part of your VAT submission is as follows:

Gov-Client-Connection-MethodWas the submission made via a desktop product, mobile app, website, etc.
Gov-Client-Public-IPThe public IP address (IPv4 or IPv6) from the customer’s device. Globally unique IP accessible over the internet
Gov-Client-Public-PortThe public TCP port from the customers device
Gov-Client-TimezoneUser local timezone
Gov-Client-ScreensWidth and height of a user’s monitor (measured in pixels) and colour depth
Gov-Vendor-VersionSoftware name and version number
Gov-Vendor-Public-IPIP address of the servers we make submissions to
Gov-Client-User-IDsWindows User ID and IRIS user ID
Gov-Client-Local-IpsA list of all local IP addresses (IPv4 and IPv6) available to the originating device
Gov-Client-Window-SizeWidth and height of the software window (measured in pixels)
Gov-Vendor-License-IDs Hashed version of the IRIS customer ID
Gov-Client-MAC-AddressesList of MAC addresses available on the originating device
Gov-Client-User-AgentMake and model of clients machine and their operating system name and version

IRIS Personal Tax

The ‘Edit Tax Return Dates’ screen has been updated to cater for Making Tax Digital. If your client is registered for MTD and making MTD submissions the ‘Edit Tax Return Dates’ will now update dynamically and display dates for End of Year submissions under MTD. 

A new report has been added to IRIS Personal Tax making it easy to view all obligations and their status across all clients on the database. This includes multiple obligations for individual clients where they have more than one trade or property income, as well as a trade etc. simplifying the client review process. 

IRIS Time and Fees

As part of ongoing efforts to keep compliant with Making Tax Digital, we have enhanced the Export Invoice feature to now export other posting types, including Credit Notes and Receipts. We have also added new columns and given you the ability the edit the appearance of the column headers so that no editing of the exported document will need to take place before importing into your chosen bookkeeping software.

Personal Tax

Import data from CSV

It is now possible to import Trade and Land & Property data directly into IRIS Personal Tax from a CSV file enabling direct import and removing the need to pass simple client data through IRIS Accounts Production and IRIS Business Tax or from having to re-key it directly into IRIS Personal Tax. IRIS will map the values automatically, but you can adjust the settings and match any items that cannot be matched or are matched incorrectly, before hitting the button to pull all values directly into Personal Tax.

Not only does this save valuable time and reduce the risk of error, it is also the first step towards becoming MTD compliant for Income Tax. 

Tax computation enhancements

The tax borne section of the tax computation has been updated to give an improved breakdown of the income aligned with each rate band. Items are now grouped by income type instead of being listed in order of rate band level which allows for a clearer understanding of how each income group is being taxed.

Welsh rates of income tax have also been added to IRIS Personal Tax for the 2020 tax year onwards. The Welsh rates of tax are automatically applied based upon the address of the client and whether or not it is in Wales, but this can be overwritten and changed if necessary.

Business Tax

IRIS Business Tax has been updated to cater for the new CT600I including the asset tracking. 

The additions report in Business Tax has been updated to remove the allowance information so that it is now a much easier to read additions report.

All Tax

Tax Legislation and annual updates

  • Updated Dividends databases
  • All the relevant reports, forms, calculations and rates for the 2018/19 tax year 
  • Updates to cater for latest HMRC Specials & Exclusions
  • Updates to SA100, SA700, SA800, SA900, R40, R185 and CT600 forms
  • Updates to P11D, P46(Car) and P11D(b) forms
  • Update to use HMRC latest schemas
  • Updates to Capital Allowances

IRIS Practice Management

We have changed the way the figures are sent from Accounts Production to ensure the refresh is triggered automatically so that your figures are ready to be reported on upon finalization. Should you need to refresh the figures, we have added the ability to bulk refresh the Accounts Production figures for multiple clients using Datamining. When selected, this option will go through and refresh the figures for the select accounting year, making your accounting data available for data mining and the client dashboards.

Time & Fees

Our April release brings a new WIP Control Panel screen giving quick and easy access to review WIP across multiple clients and make billing decisions more efficiently than ever. This includes a range of filters to view user tailored jobs, displays billings totals per job, enables drill down to view job progress and client details and has a direct link into the Billing Decision process. 

We have also added a new Actual vs. Budget comparison screen to IRIS Fees. This will enable you to easily track fees against budgets across multiple clients from one screen. This will give you a snap shot of where you are in your billing cycle, compared to where you need to be, allowing you to make decisions on where your work is most needed.

IRIS OpenSpace

Bundle documents – we have enhanced this so you can to include bundling of excel and image files.

Staff Notifications – when onboarding clients from IRIS Suite to OpenSpace the client manager/partner will receive all notifications for that client. Also set additional staff members to receive notifications as desired.

Document folders – you can now use an IRIS folder structure in OpenSpace, so when you upload from module such as accounts production it will go into the accounts folder in OpenSpace. You enable this option in OpenSpace under settings, practice details to get started.

Document messaging – on document upload you can send a secure short message to accompany the file to share additional information with your clients. The message will show in the email notification they received.

Validate login credentials – when putting in your OpenSpace login details under system maintenance, will automatically check they are correct to avoid any issues uploading to OpenSpace.

IRIS Docs 6.14

The latest version of IRIS Docs includes the following enhancements:

New user interface

We have modernised the look and feel of the IRIS Docs, with new icons and colour schemes introduced.  The existing old style and an alternative high contrast theme will still be available for as a configurable option. 

Docs PDF printer

You will now have the ability to print to a virtual “IRIS Docs Printer” from any application and then immediately file and save the PDF output into Docs. 

Email assistant enhancements

The Email Assistant “drag and drop” functionality has been improved following customer feedback:  

  • You can now cycle through multiple configurations (for example different standard documents) without needing to close and reopen individual lists. 
  • The entire list is now searchable, so you can file and save against any drag and drop target without needing to add it to your favourites list. 

IRIS Docs Integration

Document Author

IRIS Docs is fully integrated with IRIS and OpenSpace, to improve this integration, you can now enter your IRIS Docs system account login under System Maintenance, Utilities, Document Management Link.

A new field called Document Author has been added to the latest version of IRIS Docs, this shows the relevant staff or client who originally sent the document. This works alongside your document management link settings, so documents will still automatically file to the correct cabinets.

IRIS Accountant Go

IRIS Accountant Go portal can now be accessed directly through the IRIS OpenPortal giving easy access to all your client messaging in Accountant Go directly in IRIS Suite, simply click on Accountant Go and login with your account.