IRIS Autumn 2023 service pack release v23.3.1


The IRIS Accountancy Suite Autumn service pack release version 23.3.1 provides you with legislative updates and resolutions to a number of issues, some of which are listed below. 

    IRIS Accounts Production  

    Charity Accounts 

    When attempting to file a set of Charity accounts with Companies House it was reported that some accounts could not be filed, owing to an issue with an incorrect heading being added into a taxonomy dimension.  We have altered this to allow the accounts to be filed successfully. 

    Audit Report 

    When generating a set of group accounts using International Accounting Standards, the Audit Report opinion paragraph included duplicate wording ‘the consolidation’ with no appropriate statement after it.  We have amended the report output to resolve the issue. 

    Income Statement 

    Within the income statement we have suppressed the line for Gain/Loss on revaluation of assets when the relevant chart codes have not been used. 

    Accounting Policy – Section 401 Group Exemption  

    When preparing consolidated financial statements using International Accounting Standards, the standard accounting policy for group exemption section 401 disclosure was not presenting correctly within the note, even when selected correctly in the data screen.  We have amended the note to present correctly. 

    IRIS Personal Tax 

    Basis Period Reform – Transitional Profits for Partnerships  

    In the previous release of IRIS, we announced that we had begun implementing functionality to cater for the latest announcement on basis period reform into personal tax. This started with Individuals with sole trades, in this release of IRIS we have implemented functionality to cater for transitional profits for individuals with partnerships.  

    To recap on the Basis period reform:  

    The government announced the basis period reform which is a change in the way trading income is allocated to tax years rather than basis periods for self-employed traders, partnerships, and trusts.  

    This change is due to come into effect as of April 2024, for accounting periods that do not align with the tax year, a transitional profit will be calculated to align to the tax year, with all overlap relief being given. 

    Businesses who draw up accounts that align to the tax year will not be impacted by this realignment.  

    The reform has introduced a spreading provision to ease the impact of any additional tax charges on the additional profits attributed to the 2024 transitional year. Transitional profits will spread over five years starting from the 2024 tax year. 

    Updated IRIS Personal Tax functionality

    We have updated the software to cater for this change for partnerships (Trusts to follow).

    IRIS Personal Tax will automatically calculate the transitional profits of a partnership with which the accounting period does not align to the tax year. The data entry will display an in-depth calculation of the steps taken to calculate the ‘apportioned transitional profits’ (20% spread) for the 2024 tax year, along with automatically apply any outstanding overlap relief and giving the ability to accelerate transitional profits.  

    In addition to the above, we have implemented a transitional profits audit tracker, which will identify the amount of transitional profits arising, taxable and carried forward removing the necessity of manual tracking, this is all cater for within the software. This audit will also automatically update where the transitional profits have been accelerated. 

    Resolved issue: 

    • IRIS Personal Tax was crashing when selecting use IRIS figures within the farmers averaging functionality. 

    IRIS Business Tax 

    Resolved issues:  

    • Box 850 and 855 Management Expenses were being completed incorrectly.  
    • For a limited company with a long AP, IRIS Business Tax was incorrectly calculating a balancing charge/allowance in the 2nd CTAP.  
    • Unable to identify company as large if quarterly installment payments are calculated.  
    • Box 692 (Machine and plant – Super deduction Balancing charges) was doubling the figure from the tax computation. 
    • Non-trade Super Deduction claim validation – Box 772 must be completed if Box 741 is completed. 
    • For a limited company, Business Tax was bringing forward the incorrect Loan relationship Deficit in an 18-month period. 

    IRIS Trust Tax 

    Resolved issue: 

    • Overridden Allocation in worksheet was not allowing brought forward amounts. 

    IRIS Practice Management 

    Resolved issue: 

    • Users can change client partner & manager via Data Mining despite not having permission. Users now requires permissions to change the client partner and manager anywhere within IRIS Accountancy Suite. 

    IRIS Time & Fees 

    Resolved issue: 

    • A user can access other user’s timesheets despite not having permission. Users now require permissions to access another user’s timesheet.