IRIS Accountancy Suite Support Downloads

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.NET 4.8 and MSVC 2022 notification

From April 2024 IRIS Accountancy Suite requires .NET 4.8 and MSVC 2022.
Microsoft .NET 4.8 can be downloaded from here.
MSVC 2022 can be download from here.

New Installations

For brand new installations, please ensure to download and install SQL Server before starting the IRIS installation.
The SQL Server 2019 Express download can be obtained from here.

Note: SQL Express – is available from Microsoft for free and is only recommended for use for up to 6 users. Full System Requirements can be found here.

To download and learn more about the limitations of SQL Express against the SQL Server Standard version, visit the Microsoft website here.
Detailed instructions for installing SQL (in the example) can be found here and instructions for installing IRIS can be found here.

Terminal Server/LPO Downloads

Both Terminal Server(s) LPO and the main IRIS installer must continue to be maintained at the same version and build number at upgrade time; the version and build number can be seen in any Help/About dialog.
To download LPO Installations please click here.

IRIS Installations

Please download the required release depending on which version is installed. To find the version installed, open IRIS and go to Help | About. The version will be shown on the right-hand side.

Full Install denotes a Full release that can be used for fresh installations and upgrades.  All Full installs need to be upgraded in succession, it is not possible to skip any updates.

Upgrade Only denotes a Service Pack, used to upgrade existing installations.

We recommend that you review the Known Issues before installing the latest release of IRIS Accountancy Suite v24.1.4.33.

Software versions prior to v18.1.0 are available here.

Note: The Winter release v23.4.0.336 has been removed from the table below. This is because the Spring release v24.1.0.578 now includes the functionality delivered in the Winter release.
If you have installed the Winter release, you will need to apply the IRIS Time & Fees hotfix.

TypeVersion InstalledDownloadDetails
UpgradeUpgrades v24.1.0.578Download and install v24.1.4.33Release notes
Full installUpgrades v23.3.1.45 and v23.4.0.336Download and install v24.1.0.578Release notes
IRIS Time & Fees hotfixApply to v23.4.0.336Download and install hotfixLink to KB article
UpgradeUpgrades v23.3.0.418Download and install v23.3.1.45Release notes
Full installUpgrades v23.2.0.158Download and install v23.3.0.418Release notes
Full installUpgrades v23.1.0 and v23.1.5Download and install v23.2.0.158Release notes
UpgradeUpgrades v23.1.0Download and install v23.1.5.20Release notes
Full installUpgrades v22.3.0, v22.3.3 and v22.4.0Download and install v23.1.0.753Release notes
Full installUpgrades v22.3.x and new installsDownload and install v22.4.0.132Release notes
Full installUpgrades v22.3.0.621Download and install v22.3.3.48Release notes
Full installUpgrades v22.2.0.402(d) and (e)Download and install v22.3.0.621Release notes
Full installUpgrades v22.1.0.628 and v22.1.4.3Download and install v22.2.0.402(d)Release notes
UpgradeUpgrades v22.1.0.628 and v22.1.2.16Download and install v22.1.4.3Release notes
Full installUpgrades v21.4.171Download and install v22.1.0.628Release notes
Full installUpgrades v21.3.583Download and install v21.4.171Release notes
Full installUpgrades v21.2.376Download and install v21.3.583Release notes
Full installUpgrades v21.1.0 and v21.1.6Download and install v21.2.376Release notes
UpgradeUpgrades v21.1.0.652Download and install v21.1.6.35bRelease notes
Full installUpgrades v20.3 or v20.4Download and install v21.1.0.652Release notes
UpgradeUpgrades v20.3.0Download and install v20.3.4Release notes
Full installUpgrades v20.2.0Download and install v20.3.0Release notes
Full installUpgrades v20.1.0 and service pack releasesDownload and install v20.2.0Release notes
Upgrade OnlyUpgrades v20.1.0 releaseDownload and install v20.1.5Release notes
Full installUpgrades any v19.3 release Download and install v20.1.0 Release notes
Full installUpgrades any v19.2 releaseDownload and install v19.3.0 Release notes
Full installAny v19.1.x releaseDownload and install v19.2.0 Release notes
Upgrade onlyv19.1.0.729 or 735 or 737 or v19.1.1Download and install v19.1.2Release notes
Full installv18.3.0 or v18.3.1 or v18.3.2Download and install v19.1.0Release notes
Full installv18.2.0 or v18.2.1Download and install v18.3.0Release notes
Full installv18.1.0 or v18.1.1or v18.1.2Download and install v18.2.0Release notes
Full install v17.3.xDownload and install v18.1.0Release notes 

IRIS Anti – Money Laundering 

Type VersionDownloadDetails
Full installv24.1.3Download and installUpgrades all previous versions


Full installv6.24Download and installRelease notes

For further details and support on upgrading IRIS Docs, visit the IRIS Help Centre.
For the latest System Requirements, click here.


IRIS Standalone VAT Filer
(upgrades all previous versions)
v23.2.0.5 Download and install VAT Filer Help
Making Tax Digital