IRIS Spring 2022 service pack release v22.1.2


The IRIS Accountancy Suite Spring service pack release version 22.1.2 provides you with updates to the latest forms and resolutions to a number of issues, some of which are listed below. 

Company Secretarial 

In April 2022 Companies House introduced revised forms for the ‘Change of accounting reference date‘ (form AA01) and ‘Change of accounting reference date of a Limited Liability Partnership‘ (form LLAA01).  This service pack includes both revised forms. Companies House will continue to accept the previous versions, but these changes provide you with the most current compliance. 

To ensure that we continue to deliver a high-quality product the following issues have been resolved: 

Personal Tax 

  • Rejection/Validation error – ‘The group [SSE11-20] should not be present as there is an entry in [FSE16.1] or [SSE10.1]‘ which was causing Returns to be rejected when Trading Income Allowance was claimed, has now been resolved. 
  • SmartTax – calculation now correctly uses just the clients share of income where jointly held interest is entered.  

Business Tax 

  • Negative brought forward values are no longer calculated on assets claiming super deduction for the 2nd CTAP of clients with a long accounting period.  
  • For a partnership or LLP client the balancing charge for an asset which has been identified as a zero-emission asset is no longer mapped to the wrong field. 
  • Business tax was sometimes crashing on accessing the R&D data entry screens.
  • Zero emission allowances were not automatically populating the tax return without the ‘client refresh’ option being selected; this is no longer required. 
  • Limited company clients with multiple trades, claiming an SME tax credit were getting an incorrectly calculated adjustment to tax credit. This has now been resolved. 


  • The Bulk client delete issue where it wasn’t fully completing, has been resolved.


  • The Time Ledger Update process has been improved to not highlight insure accounts until after the unaffected time postings have been applied to the time ledger. 
  • The Scheduler process has been improved to stop any messages relating to IRIS Docs appearing when running the scheduled task. 
  • You can now change the selected email address when sending emails from the communications panel.
  • You can now only select one email address, per communication, when emailing from the communications panel. 
  • Scheduled Time and Fees Repair now works after upgrading to v22.1.