IRIS Autumn 2022 service pack release v22.3.3


The IRIS Accountancy Suite Autumn service pack release version 22.3.3 provides updates that reverse the 1.25% increase to National Insurance rate and the dividend tax rate. Also included is the ability to Archive Communications which adds a new degree of flexibility around handling old communications logged in your Practice Management Suite. The service pack also resolves several issues found in previous releases.  

Personal Tax 

Reversal of the health and Social levy

It has recently been announced that the government will reduce the National Insurance rate from 6th November 2022, in effect removing the temporary 1.25% increase for the remainder of 2022-23. As well as the increase in dividend tax from April 2023,being cancelled.

Due to the turbulence of the government and decisions being frequently reversed, we have made the decision to hold off making any further changes to the NIC rate; instead these will be included in the April 2023 release.

Resolved Issues

  • Cannot enter ‘Social investment tax relief’ claim for any date after 05/04/21
  • Expense type 2, 3, 4 & 7 not deducting from employment income on the tax comp

Business Tax 

Resolved Issues

  • Creative tax credits payable amount not appearing correct on the CT600 where amounts fall pre 27/10/2021

Practice Management  

Archive Communications

With the latest release, we are introducing the ability to archive communications in IRIS Practice Management. This feature will allow you to output old communications files into a folder of your choice, whilst maintaining the log on your communications panel. This new feature will add a new degree of flexibility on how you decide to approach handling old communications logged on your Practice Management suite