IRIS Docs 6.18 Release Notes


The 6.18 release introduces Beta support for Azure SQL databases, new Email Assistant features as well as quality enhancements.

Important Advanced Notification

In line with the Microsoft Lifecycle Policy, 6.18 no longer supports the following Microsoft products.

  • Office 2010

We will no longer support deployment of our software onto these products from this release.

Feature Enhancements

Azure SQL Database (Beta)

This release adds Beta support for the use of Azure SQL as the database provider for the Series 6 product.

This capability provides customers with a greater flexibility to choose whether they purchase and manage the database instance themselves under the traditional perpetual licensing model or purchase database capacity as a managed service from Microsoft.

Customers are advised to review the Azure SQL Installation Guide before proceeding with an Azure SQL installation or migration. If in any doubt, please consult the Support Team before proceeding.

It is intended that the Beta status of Azure SQL compatibility will be removed in 6.19.

Email Assistant

Drag and Drop email attachments
Email attachments can now be indexed via the drag and drop pane. Simply select the desired attachment(s) and drag them onto the required drop target.

In addition to this there is a new context menu option when right-clicking on email attachments providing some of the standard Email Assistant functions including Index, Send to My Intray, Send to User Intray & Send to Group Intray

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Please note, this is limited support for ‘Rich Text’ emails. Attachments can only be drag and dropped one at a time. Additionally, there is no Invu context menu when right-clicking on them.

Attach documents to emails from Invu
A new ‘Attach from Invu’ button allows documents to be added as attachments directly from Invu. The button has been added to the ‘Message’ tab when composing emails. The button will display the ‘Select Attachments’ dialog much the same as the one used within the Invu client.

To use this new functionality, users must have the privilege ‘Can send to email’.