IRIS Docs 6.19 release notes


The 6.19 release introduces Link Share as well as a number of quality enhancements.

Important notification

6.19 is now targeting Microsoft .Net Framework 4.8 and as such, it is a prerequisite for installing both the client and server–side components.

Feature enhancements

Link Share

Link Share allows users to send a link containing up to 25 documents to one or more external recipients.

Links can be secured using one-time-passcodes along with additional security controls.

Link Share is available to all customers with an active Invu Care agreement free of charge.

For more information on Link Share, click here.

Azure SQL database

As previously announced the Beta status has now been removed. Azure SQL is now a fully supported database platform.

Dismiss Tracked documents from the Actioned view

To improve the user experience tracked documents at the ‘Actioned’ stage can now be dismissed from the view.

A new context menu option has been added under ‘Document Tracking’ called ‘Dismiss’ that allows these completed documents to be cleared.

Create Document screen improvements

The create document screen has been changed slightly to improve usability.

A template can now be selected without needing to select the file type first. The file type now defaults to ‘All’ which means all templates are listed initially.

If a file type is selected, the templates will filter based on the selection.

Resolved issues

This release resolves a number of issues found in previous releases.