IRIS Docs 6.21 release notes


The 6.21 release of IRIS Docs introduces Microsoft Graph for email director, amendments to the UI and resolves a number of issues found in previous releases. 


In line with Microsoft’s lifecycle policy, version 6.21 no longer supports SQL server 2012. 
And will also be the last version that supports Office 2013 or Windows 8.1 

Beta support for Microsoft Graph

For customers using Microsoft 365, we’ve now added Microsoft Graph support into Email Director.  Microsoft Graph offers a drop-in alternative to older email protocols, such as EWS. 

Introducing Graph has also allowed us to offer a new ‘Exchange Online’ mode of operation. This new mode removes the need to configure email journaling for many of the typical customer use cases. 

It is intended that the Beta status for Microsoft Graph & Exchange Online will be removed in v6.22.

Resolved Issues


  • Audit event added for user performed expunges. 
  • Link Manager – when creating a Link Manager path, only the first 10 lines are returned from the training file. This helps mitigate memory issues if a very large source file is used. Note this only applies to new paths that are created. 

Email Assistant 

  • Resolved an intermittent focus issue when using the ‘Attach from Invu’ feature from an email window 


  • Note annotations – double-clicking now takes users to inline editing. 
  • Resolved index task action speed when using ‘View PDF files using Adobe when indexing’.
  • Resolved a performance issue while free typing a watch folder location when creating a Link Manager path. 
  • Link Share temp path no longer sanitised when creating a Link Share. 
    • Improved error handling when a barcode is not found while in Zonal Preset Administration. 
    • OCR install no longer requires offices applications to be closed.
    • Fixed an Azure SQL detection issue when performing an install on ‘Azure Edition’ machines. 
    • Resolved a display issue with the expiry date dialog.
    • Implemented a mitigation option for slow opening of emails when Active Directory email address resolution is not available.


          • Link Manager – Improved linked lists imports when dealing with large data files.
          • Link Manager – resolved an error trying to detect the protected status of email message. 
          • Netscan – Fixed an error when processing protected PDFs when ‘Process Barcode separators’ is set.