IRIS Docs 6.22 release notes


The 6.22 release of IRIS Docs adds improved OCR capability, removes the Beta tag from Exchange Online and implements numerous quality enhancements. 


In line with Microsoft’s lifecycle policy, version 6.22 no longer supports the following Microsoft products:

  • Office 2013
  • Windows 8.1

Therefore, we will no longer support deployment of the software onto these products from this release.

Advanced notification

6.22 will be the final release supporting the following Microsoft products:

  • Windows Server 2012
  • Windows Server 2012 R2


Auto Rotate documents for OCR

Documents can now be auto rotated during OCR processing. This significantly improves content searching against documents that have not been scanned in the correct orientation. 

Auto rotation is not enabled by default. It can be activated using the Enable Auto Rotate Feature for OCR option in Global settings > OCR options

Note: Activating auto rotation will increase OCR processing times. 

SQL Server 2022

SQL Server 2022, including SQL Express edition, is now supported as a database platform. 

Resolved issues


  • An additional check has been implemented to ensure that folders currently configured for use with Email Assistant Drag and Drop cannot be deleted. The Drag and Drop configuration must be removed before the associated folder can be deleted.
  • The option to show the EWS client secret in the UI has been removed. 
  • Resolved an issue that prevents the opening of Link Manager configuration in an Exchange Online email path. 

Email Director

  • Resolved an issue where the authentication token did not refresh when using OAuth2 for IMAP. 
  • The Beta tag has now been removed from the Exchange Online feature. We have further optimised exception handling and error notification processing based on customer feedback: 
  • To prevent transient exceptions generating unnecessary notifications, we will now only send notifications for an individual address when that address does not process for more than one hour. 
  • Duplicate notifications will not be sent for a period of 3 hours.  
  • A maximum of 10 notifications will be sent per day, once this limit is reached a final email will be sent informing that the daily notification limit has been reached and no further emails will be sent. 
  • Specific notifications are sent immediately where exceptions, such as credential expiry, would stop processing of the entire path. 
  • These email notification limits are applied per calendar day and are reset at midnight. 
  • Azure Active Directory group synchronisation for Exchange Online which limited the maximum number of email accounts in a group to 20. 
  • Implements changes to prevent the ‘Unwrap Enveloped Messages’ option being selected for MS Graph paths. Existing MS Graph paths will have the option deselected automatically on upgrade. 
  • Resolved an issue in Exchange Online which could occur when attempting to process email addresses containing certain non-alphanumeric characters. 


  • New installations now have an amended default configuration to improve support for dual network cards. 
  • Resolved an error in the Favourites pane when the referenced document has been deleted. Selecting a favourite document that has been deleted now displays a user notification and removes the item from the list. 
  • For systems that do not have the ‘Use new autocomplete’ option selected, over typing is now prevented when using searchable list values on the indexing screen. This prevents users invalidating values after the only matching option has been auto selected 
  • Implemented changes that prevent user login being blocked in the client if a user’s properties cannot be read. Also improves logging for the ‘Out of Memory’ exceptions that occur in these scenarios. 
  • Updated the assembly bindings in the service configuration of the Publishing Engine. 
  • Implemented changes to the installation process to prevent the service configuration files being left in a none working state if an upgrade is manually halted by the user. 
  • Introduced batching to the expired documents deletion process to prevent timeout issues if a large volume of documents require deletion. 


  • Resolved an issue where the in-context search highlighting may not display correctly if a document which had been processed by the OCR engine contained blank pages. 
  • Resolved a memory leak that was occurring in the DPE service during CSV processing 
  • Resolved an issue that inadvertently limited the number of linked list values to 32,000.