PTP Spring 2024 Full Features v24.1.0


The IRIS PTP Suite Spring release version 24.1.0 includes all legislative updates to ensure your ongoing compliance, plus some enhancements based upon your feedback, including a new report layout for Doctors accounts, a data screen option to allow ‘cash and cash equivalents’ for FRS 101 and 102, updates to cater for the change in basis periods.

PTP Accounts Production

Update to Doctors Accounts 

A new alternative report layout based on the AISMA example accounts is available for the EMED chart. This is selectable via an option in a data screen. For consistency and to create accurate accounts with comparatives, a duplicate posting entry must be created for last year and amendments must be made utilising the new account codes. 

To accommodate this alternative layout: 

  • new account codes and groups for the have been introduced 
  • several new accounting policies have been added 
  • new notes are included: Share of net medical income; Statistics; Drawings 

LLP SORP 2024 

In the Report of the Members, the Potential Impact of the Euro data screen has been repurposed for freeform use. No further changes were required. 

Guernsey Accounts 

When Guernsey is selected as the country of legislation, the Statement as to disclosure of information to auditors will now appear by default in the directors’ report. 

Cash and cash equivalents – for FRS 101 and FRS 102 

A new option has been included to select reference to ‘Cash and cash equivalents’ for FRS 101 and FRS 102. A data screen option has been added to allow the term ‘Cash and cash equivalents’ to show in reports where otherwise ‘Cash at Bank/Cash in Hand/Cash at Bank and in Hand’ would appear. 

Other comprehensive income – Statement of Changes in Equity 

Changes in the wording from ‘Other comprehensive income’ in the Statement of Changes in Equity to ‘Other comprehensive income/(loss)’ allows for more flexibility and caters for both positive and negative amounts. 

FRS101/FRS102 – New Reduced Disclosure Requirements    

New reduced disclosure exemptions introduced by the FRC in July 2023 are reflected in the data screens and in reporting. 

PTP Tax Return

Legislation updates

From 2024 onwards, the basis period reform means that self-employed individuals, partners in partnerships and trusts will pay income tax on any income they have received based on the tax year as opposed to the accounting period. These changes come into place for the 2024/25 tax year, with transitional rules applying in the 2023/24 tax year.  

The software has been updated to reflect the changes and additional boxes have been added have been added to cater for this in the below: 

  • SA104-Self Assessment-Partnership full 16.1-16.4 
  • SA901-Self Assessment Trust and Estate Trade 1.84A-1.84D 
  • SA902 Self Assessment Trust and Estate Partnership 2.14A-2.14D 

PTP CT Platform

Legislation updates 

Changes to the Energy Oil and Gas levy 

The Energy Profits Levy (EPL) was first introduced in 2022 to tax the exceptional profits of oil and gas companies arising from unexpectedly high oil and gas prices.   
Further to the Energy (Oil and Gas) Profits levy first introduced in 2022, The Electricity Generator Levy (EGL) exceptional generation receipts attributable to the undertaking for the qualifying period has been added to the Energy levies section on page 5-Box 987. 
In addition, a new box has been added for EGL Payable to enter the amount of Electricity Generator Levy due on page 6-Box 502. 

Capital allowances 

In the 2023 Autumn statement, it was announced that the Capital allowances Full expensing end date will be removed – which offers 100% first-year relief to companies on qualifying new main rate plant and machinery investments.  
As a result, the PTP CT platform has been updated to introduce dedicated boxes to complete the amount of full expensing claim and balancing charges which have been included in the calculation of trading profits and non-trading profits. Boxes 688 689. 733 and 734 have been added to cater for these. 

PTP Tax Expense

Tax Expense has been updated for the increase in the fuel benefit charge for vans available for private use from £688 to £757. 

All Tax

Tax Legislation and annual updates:

  • Updated Dividends databases  
  • Updates to SA100, SA800, SA900, CT600, SA700 and R185 forms  
  • All the updated reports, calculations and rates for the 2023/24 tax year   
  • Updates to Capital Allowances