Features List v18.2.0

Release Overview

The IRIS Accountancy Suite Summer release continues our focus on delivering the most effective compliance solutions harmoniously with industry leading productivity and efficiency processes and solutions, the Summer 2018 release of IRIS Accountancy Suite is no exception. The Summer Release (v18.2) perseveres with our assurances your practice can handle any scenario GDPR brings in your direction. This, along with a number of other enhancements contained in this release, keeps you ahead of the latest legislative changes whilst delivering a number of productivity and efficiency gains across the complete suite including:


General Data Protection Regulations

Audit trail capabilities have been significantly improved to help you monitor the most important changes to client data in IRIS including additions, updates and deletions. The intuitive interface of the new audit trail screen will help you quickly review all recorded changes.

Tolley Tax

A new Tolley Tax dedicated tab in the main view of the IRIS Open Portal allows quicker more intuitive navigation and for your Tolley Tax account details to be stored in IRIS, eliminating the need to enter credentials when accessing the service. This makes it easier than ever to access all the great information from your Tolley subscription.

Personal Tax

Pre-population of client data

We have made some improvements to the feature that allows you to pull client data directly from HMRC into your client’s tax return:

  • The number of calls that the product makes to HMRC’s APIs has now been reduced, which should help to reduce the number of errors that HMRC return when their system is overloaded 
  • We have updated the matching process of employment records between IRIS and HMRC to ensure that the PAYE reference is correctly presented

Trust Tax

It is now possible to overwrite the value calculated by IRIS for box 10.1C of the Trust Return


Tax Legislation and annual updates

  • Updated Dividends database
  • Updates to cater for latest HMRC Specials & Exclusions
  • Increase in Diesel Supplement for car benefits
  • Updates to forms R185 and SA700
  • Updates to the indexation rates used for disposals after 1 January 2018
  • Enterprise Investment Scheme relief updated for investments in knowledge-intensive companies

IRIS Accounts Production

Legislation – Accounts Production

  • Update to the Audit reports in regard to the Duty of care to third parties (Bannerman wording) further to the technical release issued by the ICAEW in May
  • Updates to Academies to cater for the recently released Academies Accounts Direction 2017-18, including a note for Trade Unions and a new tangible fixed asset ‘Assets under construction’ 

IRIS Connector introducing MyWorkPapers

IRIS Connector now works seamlessly with MyWorkPapers to import a trial balance before preparing the final accounts, making the process as efficient as possible.

Option to state comparatives are unaudited

A new data screen option allows text to be entered above the comparative column throughout the accounts, especially for those accounts that are audited in the current year but were not last year to clearly identify where the comparative figures may not have been as thoroughly.

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We have also simplified our release version numbers, more detail on this can be found here 

Making Tax Digital

Our Autumn release continued to roll out Making Tax Digital functionality allowing you to quarterly file trading and land and property data and work with your clients to familiarize yourself and them with the new process of communicating with HMRC. This will enable you and your clients to join the HMRC beta programme and ensure you are ready for the forthcoming mandation whilst keeping you ahead of your competitors. Our data mining enhancements will also allow you to quickly and easily find your affected clients to enable your efficient client communication.IRIS Connector

IRIS Connector allows imports from a wide variety of products including direct accounting data imports from all the major cloud bookkeeping providers and improved CSV imports to ensure you stay ahead irrespective of the source data you receive from your clients.Time & Fees

The Client Billing Decision screen in Fees has been enhanced with the ability to preview an invoice prior to posting. The invoice document can now be generated without making a posting to the ledger and can be further submitted in draft for approval. We have also simplified the workflow of posting the invoice to make it quicker to print the invoice after the posting and enhanced the interface to remember any changes to column sizes and order in the Client Billing Decision screen.

In Auto Billing the description field is now being displayed on the batches review screen to make it easier to differentiate the batches.