IRIS PAYE-Master Database Upgrade Tool

In order to correct the issues accessing data files caused by the recent Windows updates, we have developed a utility which will allow PAYE-Master users to use the software normally without having to remove the offending Windows update(s).
Please follow these steps to upgrade your PAYE-Master data file to restore normal usage.
  • Download the utility. Click here to download. 
  • At the end of the install wizard, tick the option to launch the utility and click "Finish
  • The utility will start, click "Upgrade All
  • The utility will read Central.DAT for company data affected by this issue. Once the list is populated click "Upgrade Listed Companies".

Please note: screenshot below is empty as no affected data files found on this installation. 

  •  The utility will run through and correct the affected data files and will prompt when complete.
  • Log in and run PAYE-Master as normal.

If you encounter any errors using the utility or are still unable to use PAYE-Master after completing the process, please contact our support team at for further assistance.