Online Filing Issues - Connection Issues

This page contains information to help diagnose connection issues when trying to submit information online to HMRC.

In order to be able to submit online successfully your computer needs to be able to communicate with the HMRC Online services. The most common reasons for a connection issue is your Internet security software or firewall blocking your payroll product.

Turn off security programs

Internet security programs, surf control, privacy control programs etc. should be checked to ensure they do not interfere with access. If in doubt they should be turned off.

Configure your firewall

Firewalls should be checked to ensure they do not impose any restrictions to traffic on port 443 (https) for BOTH inbound and outbound traffic to your payroll product.

The following files may need explict exceptions set up with your security / firewall software:

  • PAYE-Master – PMW.exe
  • GP Payroll – Payroll.exe & Paywin.exe
  • Payroll Buisness – Payroll.exe & XMLInterface.exe
  • Bureau Payroll – Payroll.exe & XMLInterface.exe
  • Payroll Professional   – Payroll.exe & XMLInterface.exe
  • Earnie – Payroll.exe & XMLInterface.exe

Please note: IRIS Software Support are unable to provide help with configuring your security software or firewall. Please contact your IT support or software provider.

Check your system date and time is correct

If you system date & time is ahead of the HMRC Servers it will fail. You can try changing your time back by a few minutes and trying again

Other things to check

  • If you have a proxy server which enforces authentication on a per connection basis, this should be disabled or bypassed (See technical details below). 
  • Turn off virus checkers 
  • Ensure you have the latest version of Internet Explorer 

Technical details

Please ensure that the following URLs are permitted:-

The following email addresses should be permitted to ensure email communications are recived from HMRC:-