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Report Margin setting will not save

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Report Margin setting will not save

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3rd August 2015


IRIS Payroll Business, IRIS Bureau Payroll, IRIS Payroll for Accountants


If you find that your report margin settings are not being saved it will be down to the method you are using to produce the report.


Rather than going through ‘Optional Reports‘ you need to install the report from report manager.

For more details on the report manager, click here.

Once the report is added to the selected report list (down the right hand side of your screen) you will be able to edit and save margin settings.

You can find the margin settings when the report is previewed to screen prior to printing:

location of margins button when viewing a report preview

Once you save a change to the margins values they will be retained for the next time you produce this report.

This applies to IRIS Payroll Business and IRIS Bureau Payroll.

Please Note: Any negative value in the margin settings instructs the software to apply the default margins, regardless of the value e.g. -1.0 is the same as -9.99. If you need to adjust the margin settings ensure you save these as positive values.

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