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Leavers not showing on FPS

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Leavers not showing on FPS

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6th April 2017




The correct number of leavers are not showing on the FPS report


Under the schema provided by HMRC for RTI submissions, leavers only get included on an FPS submission once and they will get included on the NEXT FPS you send, regardless of pay frequency.

One common point of confusion arises with payroll using 2 or more pay frequencies on the same database. Eg. Monthly employee last paid in month 2 but leave date and P45 only produced after month 2 finalised. The next pay period then is weekly for week 9. When the FPS for week 9 is sent the monthly leaver will be included as a leaver not paid in this period. This is correct as per HMRC specification and they are receiving the correct information for the leaver.

NOTE: Leavers will only be included on ONE successful submission. If you return to resend an old pay period the leaver will not be included on that submission EVEN IF THEY WERE PAID IN THIS PERIOD. Again this correct as per HMRC spec. Once a leaver has been filed they should not be included again. The exception to this rule is if there are then some amendments made to the leaver ie. amend the final payslip or make a payment after leaving.

If the number of leavers showing on your submission summary isn’t what you expect it is possible they have been included on a submission earlier than you may expect.

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