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Error 3265 item not found in this collection

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Error 3265 item not found in this collection

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6th April 2017


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The error 3265 item not found in this collection is down to using OLD software on NEWER data



The most common cause of this error is when one workstation on a network setup hasn’t been updated in line with the rest of the network.

First, check the payroll version currently installed on all workstations and update to the latest version if necessary. Remember, all workstations should be running the same version.

You can find the latest version of your payroll software following the links here:

If all workstation are running the latest version of the software and the problem persists it would suggest that a database upgrade has been interrupted after updating to a newer version of the program.

To correct you will need to run a repair and compact of the database from payroll admin screen.

• If you are running a networked setup make sure ALL workstations are running the latest version first
• Make sure all users are logged out of payroll.
• Start payroll and log into the admin mode (Name: SYSTEM and your admin password)
• Go to “File” > “Companies” > “Rebuild

data file rebuild select form

• Select the company causing the problem in the drop down list and click “Yes“. This will begin a repair process, once that is done you will see the prompt:

rebuild complete do you want to compact the data files this will take some time to perform do you wish to continue

• Click “Yes” to start the compact process. 

Please Note: This process can take a long time to complete and, once started, should not be interrupted or forced  to stop. Please consider this before starting the operation. Once this process is started users can resume working on any other company payroll.

• Once the process has completed you will see the following message:

data file repair compaction data files repair and compaction complete

• You will now be able to log in and use the company data as normal.

If the rebuild process doesn’t complete please contact our support team with any errors received.

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