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Error type: 2147xxxxxx

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Error type: 2147xxxxxx
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1st May 2019
IRIS Payroll Business, IRIS Bureau Payroll, IRIS Payroll Professional, Earnie, IRIS GP Payroll

This knowledgebase article covers the occurrence of several similar errors.

These report with the following error numbers: 



This type of error (starting with 2147xxxxxx) indicates that one or more components of your software aren’t responding correctly.

The error will normally be accompanied by a description of the faulting software component.

These types of error will normally (but not exclusively) present after an attempted installation /update of the software which has not completed successfully.

These types of error are almost always corrected by running a full install of the latest version of your software.

Click here for our payroll downloads page.

To ensure that the installation completes correctly we recommend you log in as a system or domain administrator. Using the “Run as administrator” option while logged in as a regular user is NOT normally sufficient. You may need to contact your IT support for these login details or for them to run the installation on your behalf.

As an extra step, you can rename three keys files prior to running the installation.

Right-click on your payroll desktop shortcut and select “Properties“. From the properties window click on the button “Open File Location“.

This will open the program folder for your payroll set up. In the list, find and rename the following files (it doesn’t matter what you call the files, as long as they no longer have their original name):

  • Payroll.exe

  • ISL-Payroll.OCX

  • E32DLL2.DLL

Please Note: Depending on your PC system settings you may not see the file extensions .exe, .ocx or .dll on the above files. If in doubt get assistance from your IT support.

Once you have renamed the three files, download and run the full installation of the latest version.

Once you have completed the installation of the latest version you should be able to continue with payroll as normal.

If, after working through the above steps, any errors of this type persist please contact our support team for further investigation.

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