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Error 115 during installation

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Error 115 during installation

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1st January 2019


IRIS Payroll Professional, Earnie


During the installation process you get error 115 and the setup process fails


The most common cause of this error, for network setups, is the payroll software running on a different PC to the one running the update.

First, check that no other user(s) is logged on and working on payroll. If no other users are logged in, this error could be caused by background payroll processes that haven’t closed down correctly. Try rebooting each PC with payroll installed and retry the installation.

If this fails to resolve the error, or you do not have a network setup, please check the following:

  • Your user account has full read / write access the installation location
  • Check the folder / files aren’t flagged as hidden or read-only
  • Check your anti-virus or security software isn’t blocking the process

If these don’t seem to be causing the problem, log into your PC as the local administrator account and try the set up again. Remember assumed admin rights are NOT the same as using the administrator account.

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