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CIS and the EPS submisison

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CIS and the EPS submisison

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6th April 2018


Earnie, IRIS Payroll Professional


CIS Deductions SUFFERED appear on the EPS because you are allowed to reduce your monthly tax payment to HMRC by the value of any tax deduction that was automatically made from YOUR invoices by a contractor. 


The EPS doesn’t report to HMRC deductions MADE from subcontractors

The EPS only covers reasons why an employer has reduced their payment to HMRC not why they may have to increase it.

This should work OK because neither submission actually states how much you are going to pay or have paid to HMRC. HMRC will reconcile what you pay against FPS, EPS and CIS submissions

FPS = Tax, NI, Student Loan liability for employees

EPS = Reductions for Statutory payments etc. including CIS Deductions suffered

CIS = Deductions made from subcontractors

The result of the three submissions should match the amount you pay to HMRC.

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