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Default Login Details

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Default Login Details
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1st May 2019
IRIS Bureau Payroll, IRIS Payroll Business

What are the default log in details?


There are two modes for the software, payroll and admin. The default login details are as follows:



There is no password on the default account, leave this field blank.



Password: admin

If you cannot log in with these a user will have changed the details. If no one can remember what the login details have been changed to, you will need to request a break in password from support to regain access.

If you need to request a break-in password, this should be provided with the company letter head and signed by the senior payroll decision maker. This could then be scanned and emailed to or faxed through on 0344 815 5670.

We strongly recommend you change these details, this is done via the admin mode.

To change Admin password

Log in with SYSTEM / admin

Go to “File” > “alter admin password

Enter your existing and new passwords in the text boxes.

To change User password

Log in to admin mode

Go to “Users” > “Alter Users

On this window, you can either add new or edit existing user passwords and access.

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