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How do I print a report for a previous pay period?

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How do I print a report for a previous pay period?

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6th April 2017


IRIS Bureau Payroll, IRIS Payroll Business


How can I go back and re print reports / payslips from a previous pay period?


You can reprint any reports from your live data file, there is no need to restore a backup.

NOTE: the period in question must have been processed in this software, not prior to conversion for example.

To print a historic report:

Go to print the desired report as normal. The system will preview the report for the most recently calculated period.

In the report options along the top of the screen select the week/month number and tax year desired for the report.

print report options ribbon

Once you change the report options you will see an information bar pop up. You will need to click the “Refresh….” button redraw the report with the selected pay period information.

print report refresh button

NOTE: If you cannot see the report options along on the top of the preview screen you need to disable the Windows option “Minimize the Ribbon

On the title bar click on the option “Customize Quick Access Toolbar” and untick the option at the bottom of the list to “Minimize the Ribbon“.

Ribbon options
Minimize the ribbon

Restart payroll and now in reports, you will have the report options at the top of the screen.

NOTE: The above process also applies to the month end summary. However, this report is accessed from “HMRC“>”Month End Summary (P32)“. This will call up the table of the monthly figures. In the bottom left-hand corner click “Print Month-End“. You will then be able to select and print a previous period as detailed in the instructions above.

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