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Can I make a copy of company data?

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Can I make a copy of company data?

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10th April 2017


Earnie, IRIS Payroll Professional


I want to make a duplicate of my company data.


We can perform a company copy from the admin mode of the software.

Login to the admin mode using the name: SYSTEM and your admin password.

Go to “File” > “Companies” > “Copy

From the list select the company you want to copy, click “OK

On the next window, type your new company name and select the copy option.

Copy Options work as follows:

Company Details Only

This creates a copy of the chosen company details only.  No employee details are copied to the new company.  It is ideal for a payroll bureau where the company details for each client need to be the same.

The information copied is:

  • Company Details

  • Company Options

  • Payments and Deductions

  • Holiday Setup

  • Extra Employee Setup

  • Departments

  • Account Groups

  • Accounts Link Details

  • Absence Categories

  • Analysis Levels

  • Backup Location

  • Bank Details

  • Report Options

Exact Copy

This copies EVERYTHING held for the company including employee details and leaver information.  It could be used at year-end to make a mirror image of a company before closing it down. 

For Receivership

This option creates a new company, copying across all employees from the original with previous P45 details, making them new starters in the new company.  

The P45 details are derived from the Taxable Gross and Tax Paid year-to-date figures held in the original company.

The employees in the original company will be set as leavers ready for a final RTI submission to be sent to HMRC.

No history information is transferred.

Receivership Option Settings for New Company

District No: enter the new company’s Tax District

Ref No: enter the new company’s Tax Ref No

Start Date for new employees: allows you to set the Date Started in all the new employee records at once

Copy Leavers: if you do not copy leavers’ information, historic reports may be incorrect

First payroll week for Directors:  for the directors’ NI to correctly calculate in the new company you must identify the start period here.  Remember to enter the payroll WEEK number

Once you have chosen your settings click OK and a screen is displayed allowing you to copy year-to-date totals for Rates and Payments & Deductions to the new company. Un-tick the box next to any totals you do not wish to copy.

Click OK and the system will begin copying the company.

The copy company will show in the “Select Different Company” list with the name chosen during the copy.

The copy data file will be stored in the same location as the original company.

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