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Can I restore a leaver under RTI?

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Can I restore a leaver under RTI?

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6th August 2018


Earnie, IRIS Payroll Professional


An employee is returning to work with the company, can I restore the leaver record to continue to pay.


HMRC now permit employers to restore a leaver and then continue paying them as a current employee even if their leaving date has been sent on a Full Payment Submission.

This is useful if you have, for example, made the wrong employee a leaver and have already sent the FPS. 

However, this only applies in the current tax year; if you are restoring a leaver from a previous tax year, you can only do so to make a ‘payment after leaving’.

From now on, if you attempt to restore a leaver in the current tax year, and their leaving date has  already been sent to HMRC, you will see the following message:

‘Are you restoring this employee to continue paying them or are you making a payment after leaving?

Click ‘Yes’ to continue paying the employee or make an adjustment to their final pay

Click ‘No’ to make an additional one-off payment to the employee after they left’

NOTE: If the employee has worked elsewhere between leaving your company and returning you will still need to set them up with a new employee record.

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