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Additional payroll reports

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Additional payroll reports

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1st January 2019


IRIS Payroll Professional, Earnie


The program has a library of standard report formats.  These include various designs of Payslips, Summaries and Credit Listings as well as many other types of report.

When you first install the program a number of standard reports are already set up. 

You can use the library to choose different designs of the reports: for example, to select a different style of payslip or monthly summary


Selecting Reports from the Library

If you are starting to use the program for the first time it is well worth having a look around the Report Library to see if it contains things more suitable than the reports that are installed as standard.

To do that select “Reports” from the Menu bar, followed by “Library Selection“. 

The drop-down menu that follows shows the various types of reports the Library contains:

• Payslips
• Summaries
• Bank Reports / BACS
• Multi Period Reports
• Absence Reports
• Costing Reports
• Misc.

Select one of the types and you will see a drop-down list box with the various styles of that type that are available to you.

Highlight and click “OK” for any report you want to be able to use in the program.

You can have more than one style of each type of report. You choose the style you want at run-time. This means that not everyone in the company need have the same style of payslip, for example.

If you have specific report requirements that are not covered by options in the report library, depending on your requirements, we may be able to create a bespoke report for you. Please email the details of how you want the report to work to

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