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Late FPS Filing Notice from HMRC

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Late FPS Filing Notice from HMRC

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12th December 2013


IRIS Payroll Business


I have received a message from the HMRC saying I have submitted my FPS returns late.


The FPS should be returned to the HMRC on or before the pay date used in the payroll system.

Remember, the pay date selected should be when the employees actually receive their pay. A common mistake we see is when the pay date is listed as the end of the period the employees are being paid for, this is incorrect.

If this is the case you will need to correct your payroll calendar, make sure your last period is finalised before proceeding:

  • Go to “Company” > “Payroll Calendar”
  • Click “Next” until you see the list of dates for the affected pay frequency.
  • Click the “Reset/Remove” button and click “Reset” on the following message.
  • Type in the date the employees will next recieve their pay. You should see the list populate with the remaining  pay dates for the tax year.
  • Click on “Finish”

IMPORTANT: Depending on the next pay date selected you might find the system has advanced you to a later tax period than you are expecting. If you find that you are going to miss a pay period in the tax year contact the HMRC for advice on how to proceed.

HMRC Employers help line – 0300 200 3200

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