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Recording Note/Memos for employees

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Recording Note/Memos for employees

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6th April 2017


IRIS Bureau Payroll


Using notes to record extra employee information


Employee Details Notes

The Employee Details screen is opened from the Selection Side Bar by double-clicking the employee’s name. Click on the Notes tab

Use the Employee Details screen’s Notes tab to record additional information about your employees. You can include training courses, professional qualifications, emergency contacts, or anything you would find useful.

Notes Grid – The upper section of the screen shows a list of existing notes – highlight one of these to see the detail in the lower section of the screen.

There is also a category “General Notes” available in the absence diary. The General Notes type is useful for recording non-standard absence such as compassionate leave or training days.

To record these in the diary, highlight the employee from the list down the left-hand side of the screen, go to the “Employee Tab” and click the “Diary Entry” button.

Double click on the “General Notes” option down the left-hand side. In the pop-up window record your from and to dates and type the details in the notes text box.

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