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Processing Redundancy pay

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Processing Redundancy pay
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6th April 2017
IRIS Payroll Professional, Earnie

How to process redundancy pay.

For redundancy pay legislation information check here.


Redundancy payments under £30,000 are normally tax and NI free. Any amounts above this figure will normally be subject to Tax deductions only – if the payment is over £30,000 you will need to set up two payments.

To set up the First £30,000

  • Go to “Company” > “Alter Payments / Deductions
  • Click “Add new
  • Click “No” to the wizard message.
  • You will need to type in a name for the payment. This is how the item is shown on the payslip.
  • Set the Category to “Apply After Tax & NI Calculation
  • Set + or – to “Payment
  • Set Type to “Value
  • Set range check to “None
  • Set report group to “None
  • Set clear to-date totals to “Annually
  • Click “OK” to save the payment:

You can now use this paycode to pay a tax and NI free amount to employees

To set up amount over £30,000

  • Set up another new payment exactly as above EXCEPT:
  • et the Category to “Apply after NI Calc but Before Tax Calc
  • Use this code to pay employees a value that will be taxed but will not affect the NI calculation.
  • Enter the remaining value of any redundancy over the £30,000 level.

Please Note: HMRC plans to make termination payments in excess of £30,000 subject to employer national insurance contributions has been delayed for a second time and will now take effect from April 2020.

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