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Recording Holiday Leave

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Recording Holiday Leave

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6th April 2018


IRIS GP Payroll


How to record holiday leave.


Employee holidays are saved in the holiday scheduler.

For full details on configuring and using the holiday scheduler click here

Allocating holiday leave to an employee:

Click on the button “Scheduler” to open the holiday scheduler window.

Highlight the employee and click the “Leave” button.

Click in the First day of holiday box and enter the date.

Repeat for last day of the holiday.

Both dates are included as holidays. There is an option to start the holiday at midday and finish it at midday for staff who take holidays in half-day units.

Clicking the OK button will produce a bar on the Scheduler. The bar will cross days that are not worked but IRIS GP Payroll only counts the working days as declared in the employee’s details.

Public holidays will not be included in the count.

Please Note: The Scheduler is a separate recording tool and will not link information into Payroll Calculations.

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