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Networking GP Accounts

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Networking GP Accounts

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3rd December 2018


IRIS GP Accounts


How do I network GP Accounts?


For networking to work successfully all your required machines must be running the latest version of the software.  To check what the latest version is please check the link below.

PLEASE NOTE: Please ensure that you take a backup of your software before attempting to upgrade your software.

To download IRIS GP Accounts latest version  –

It is not advisable to install the whole GP Accounts package on the file-server as performance will be very poor. It is, however, perfectly possible to install the practice data files on the server so that they are available across the practice network.

Installation instructions for the first Workstation

  • First take a backup on to floppy disc / USB drive or CD./DVD
  • The program will have to be installed on each of the machines from which is to be used but it does not need to be installed on the server. It is advisable to download and install the latest version from the Support tab in IRIS Online (see details above)
  • Go to Windows Start > Programs > GP Accounts > GP Accounts Rescue. You will be asked for your Admin password. Unless this has been reset by yourself it should be ‘pass’.
  • Go to the ‘Alter Practice Data path’ option. Choose Change to a new Location .Navigate to the location on the server that you wish to use to hold your data. It is helpful to set up a specific folder e.g. gpacc to hold the data. The location can be a Mapped drive e.g. G:/gpacc or a UNC name e.g. //server/pm/gpacc
  • Restart the Accounts package. A welcome screen will appear – choose the option to restore data from a backup. The data should now be restored to the new location on the server.
  • When the restore process is complete, leave the package and go in again.
  • Check that the Home path is set correctly to the server via Main menu Help > About.

Installation Instructions for the second and any subsequent workstations

  • If you haven’t already done so, you will need to install the software directly onto the new machine (see instructions above)
  • Once installed, from the opening screen – Select Option 3 – “Move Home Path Location”
  • Browse to the GPACC file created on the server and press enter.
  • The software will now close and restart automatically and your data should now be networked.
  • To check this go to Help > About.  The HOME path should now be the same as the HOME path on the first machine.

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