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Pension Pay Period Dashboard

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Pension Pay Period Dashboard

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6th April 2018


IRIS Bureau Payroll, IRIS Payroll Business


The Pension Pay Period Dashboard allows you to review the automatic enrollment actions that have taken place in the current period.

You can also publish pension communications to OpenEnrol here as well as opt-out employees.


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Pay Period Dashboard

We have introduced the “Pay Period Dashboard” to simplify the management of your AE pension schemes. From this single screen, you can review the automatic enrolment status of employees in the current pay period. You can drill into the details of each individual to get a further understanding of how the software has decided on the worker status.

Where can I find the Pay Period Dashboard

The pay period dashboard is accessed from the “Pension Tab” :

resizedimage550129 IPB PayPerDash 1 | Pension Pay Period Dashboard

This screen will then show you the AE status of your employees as per your last calculated period:

resizedimage550229 IPB PayPerDash 2 2 | Pension Pay Period Dashboard

By default this screen will start on the last period you calculated, you can choose to roll this back to view the status of a previous period, use the week No/Month No. option in the top left corner to move back to a previous period:

IPB PayPerDash 3 | Pension Pay Period Dashboard

By default, this screen will show the details for “Enrolled & Postponed” employee in this period (i.e. what changes have been processed). You can amend this to show details for all employee using the “Employees” filter in the top right-hand corner:

IPB PayPerDash 4 | Pension Pay Period Dashboard

Viewing the details of employee assessment

Using the pay period dashboard you can view all the details the software has used to come to its assessment outcome. If you are ever unsure about why an employee has been assessed the way they have the Pay Period Dashboard is the best place to check.

In the list of employees, click on the name of the individual you wish to check and the click the “View” button along the bottom of this window.

You will then be presented with all the information the system has used to come to assessment status, including Pay dates, Pay reference periods, Qualifying and pensionable earnings, age, etc:

resizedimage550341 IPB PayPerDash 5 | Pension Pay Period Dashboard

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