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Company Load ID Mismatch

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Company Load ID Mismatch

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12th June 2015


IRIS Payroll Business, IRIS Bureau Payroll


When trying to open company data user gets the error:

company load ID mismatch


In order to protect company data each company file holds an ID number. This number should match the file name eg 0001Data.mdb should have the ID 1 held in the database.

This error occurs when a user has renamed a data file (eg. from 0002Data.mdb to 0001Data.mdb) and then tried to open the renamed file in the payroll software with a different ID number. The software will not allow this in order to protect the integrity of the contained data.

In order to resolve this you will need to contact our support team who will need to repair the contents of the database.

Click here for support contact details.

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