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Run-time error 13: type mismatch

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Run-time error 13: type mismatch

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6th April 2018


IRIS GP Payroll


User is getting the error message:

Run time error 13 type mismatch


This error can occur in any part of the software and it is caused by invalid information saved against an employee or the practise information. If you have recently made an amendment to an employee record or company details and the error now occurs, it is likely there is some invalid information or characters in that section of the software.

In order to correct this issue the invalid information needs to be corrected. Unfortunately the error message itself doesn’t provide details about what exactly is causing the problem.

If the error has only recently occurred after altering some details, restore a backup from before the change had been made, and re-enter the data being vigilant of the information being inputted.

If the issue has been going on for several weeks/months and you are unable to restore a backup then we would need to repair the database, please contact our support team.

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