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How to move the location of live PAYE-Master data files

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How to move the location of live PAYE-Master data files

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11th January 2016




How can I migrate my PAYE-Master data files to run from a new location?


Moving PAYE-Master Data – Multi Company Bureau Licence

• Start PAYE-Master but DO NOT OPEN any company data. 

 Go to “Utilities“> “Move Data File“. 

• Select the company you wish to move. If you hold down the Control (Ctrl) key on your keyboard you can select multiple companies to move at once.

• Click “Move

• On the “Browse for Folder” window select where you wish to move these files to and click “OK

• PAYE-Master will move the selected files to the new location.

Moving PAYE-Master Data – Single Company

Unfortunately, with a single company license the utility “Move Data File” as described above will not work. Please follow the steps below:

Locate the live data file, go to  “Help” > “About IRIS PAYE-Master….” the location of your live data file is listed under “Data File“:

about paye master window

From the example above, the file path breaks down like this:

file path example

Make a note of this text and close PAYE-Master

Browse to the folder we found in the about window, find the live data file, right click on this and “Rename“. E.G from PM001.DTA to PM001.OLD.

Restart PAYE-Master – the company will now be listed in red to indicate the file cannot be found and/or you will see the following message:

paye master is unable to open this company data file please restart your computer and try again if you are still unable to open the data file it is likely that the file has become corrupted and you will need to restore from a previous back up would you like to attempt to recover your data from a backup

Click “No

Go to “Utilities” > “Database maintenance” > “Clean Central Database

PAYE-Master will now appear as though there is no data, we need to reimport the live data file from the desired new location.

Copy your most recent back up to a suitable folder and re import in PAYE-Master.

For full details on importing data click here.

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