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Error 75 - Disk / Access Error

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Error 75 - Disk / Access Error

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6th April 2018


IRIS Payroll Professional, Earnie


When trying to create a new company user gets the error:

'Error 75 - Disk / Access Error'


This error occurs when payroll cannot create a new company database from the blank templates. 

1. If this is network installation, make sure the network drive is still mapped and available for the user. Use Windows Explorer to check. If the drive has become disconnected or is otherwise unavailable remap this drive and try to create the company again.

2. Make sure all payroll users are given full control over the payroll folder. If the installation and the data are held in different locations make sure all users have full control over both these locations.

3. Configure security software / anti-virus exclusions to the payroll installation and data folders.

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